Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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      • A Majority of Email Marketers Are Flying BlindDirect Marketing News

        55% of email marketers admit they are unable to perform any sort of customer segmentation, says a new study by The Relevancy Group and Return Path. The study also finds that one in five emails never reach the inbox, but most marketers do not know which ones those are. ...Read the whole story

      • Email Approach in Humans Matched to Bird BehaviourBBC News

        Researchers in Scotland have studied human subjects' email behavior and identified twelve distinct personalities, each of which matches up with the behavior of a bird. The boorish parrot sends abusive or inappropriate emails and fails to understand why others get upset; night owls send messages late at night and do not appreciate others' needs for some time off; and compulsive woodpeckers cannot resist the urge to check, check, check day and night. The research's conclusion is that email is a great source of stress to many people.  ...Read the whole story

      • Silverpop Adds New Behavioral CapabilitiesSacramento Bee

        Email service provider Silverpop announced new behavior-based capabilities for its Engage platform. The additions include dynamic content based on behavior and behavior-based lead scoring models. ...Read the whole story

      • Kentucky Secretary of State Proposes Letting Overseas Troops Vote by

        Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes proposed today that soldiers registered to vote in Kentucky but stationed overseas should be able to cast their ballots via email. 24 states already allow absentee ballots by email, said Grimes.  ...Read the whole story

      • Windows 8 Tables and Email: A Disaster In the MakingTechpinions

        The success of the upcoming Windows 8 launch as a tablet operating system may hinge on the email client, which lacks a unified inbox, message threading, message flagging and smart inboxes. The lack of features may disqualify the operating system for enterprise use. ...Read the whole story

      Are You An Email Weekend Warrior?

      After the annual August lull when most of the country seems to carve out at least one week to take a vacation, the soccer fields, hockey rinks, and other competitive venues are once again filled with ...More