Are You An Email Weekend Warrior?

After the annual August lull when most of the country seems to carve out at least one week to take a vacation, the soccer fields, hockey rinks, and other competitive venues are once again filled with grown adults reliving their adolescent athletic dreams. OK, our adolescent athletic dreams - I count myself among them. In fact, I expect a lot of email marketers suit up for competition on weekends. If you spend your weeks jostling for position and results in the inbox, it is only natural your competitive streak extends to extra-curricular events on Saturday and Sunday. The hardest part ...More

  • The Importance of Relevancy and Frequency to Email Marketing

    68% of retailers send 10 or fewer emails to new subscribers within 30 days of signup, and 13% send none at all. Finding the right frequency for new opt-ins is a function of quality over quantity, and must align with the brand's strategic objectives. ...More