Tuesday, September 25, 2012

      Around The Net

      • Yahoo! to Unveil New Email, Ad StrategyCNBC

        A leaked internal memorandum telegraphs Yahoo!'s strategic direction as set by new CEO Marissa Meyer. An overhaul of Yahoo! mail and the site's advertising platforms reportedly aligns them better with the consumer experience and incorporate more social and dashboard features. ...Read the whole story

      • Functional and Financial Benefits of Cloud-Based EmailTechRepublic

        Email is arguably one of the most mission-critical pieces of software that can run within enterprise settings - often demanding 99.9% uptime, and warranting tactical attention and contingency planning. A cloud-based system can offer functional benefits including freedom from upgrades and patches and re-allocating IT staff to more operative uses, as well as financial benefits including financial transparency and scalability.  ...Read the whole story

      • BlackBerry 10 Features All-in-One Approach to the InboxWired

        The heart of the forthcoming Blackberry operating system is a unified inbox capturing all of a user's emails, social messages and BBMs. The OS was demoed at RIM's BlackBerry Jam event for developers and is slated for Q1 2013 release.  ...Read the whole story

      • Mobile Phones, Email Destroying Penmanship in JapanInternational Business Times

        A new report by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Japanese Ministry of Education has found that 66.5% of people are losing their ability to handwrite Japanese characters because computers and mobile devices write the kanji characters for them. This figure is up from 25.2% ten years ago, suggesting that the proliferation of mobile devices over the last decade has accelerated the erosion of Japanese penmanship.  ...Read the whole story

      Is Your Mobile-First Strategy Putting Your Customers Last?

      Two weeks ago I contributed an article here examining the pros and cons of three emerging approaches to mobile email optimization: prefab content, responsive design, and live content. But I omitted a fourth, important approach that's ...More

      • Easy Ways to Optimize For The 'Pocket Inbox' This Holiday Season

        With the holiday season approaching, more shoppers than usual will hit brick-and-mortar locations with shopping lists in hand -- and their inboxes in their pockets. Retail marketers have huge opportunities -- this year more than ever ...More

      • 3 Dos and Don'ts of SMS Marketing

        SMS messaging is growing in popularity - both with marketers and consumers. To make the most of it, pay attention to timing and your call-to-action, and put a premium on targeting for relevance and tight, pithy ...More