Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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      • CyberMonday Expected to Be Businest Email Marketing Day of the YeareMarketing & Commerce

        While the growth of mobile could catapult Thanksgiving Day ahead of Black Friday, neither day is expected to eclipse Cyber Monday as the busiest email marketing and e-commerce day of the year.  ...Read the whole story

      • One Email Exposes Millions of People to Data Theft in South Carolina CyberattackNBC News

        A single malicious email sent to workers at South Carolina's Department of Revenue enabled a hacker to gain access to the tax returns, social security numbers and bank account information of 3.8 million people. The attack, believed to have originated in Russia, began as a phishing scheme and successfully obtained an employee's user name and password. The hacker then leveraged the login info to gain access to the rest of the department's systems and begin copying large amounts of data onto the internet. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has called the conditions that allowed the breach "a cocktail for an ... ...Read the whole story

      • The Carbon Footprint of Your Email AttachmentTimes Union

        Mike Berners-Lee, whose brother Tim invented the world wide web, has written a book quantiyfing the carbon footprint of just about everything, including email. According to Berners-Lee, the average year of email in an inbox equals the same CO2 emissions as driving 200 miles in a car. A large attachment is equivalent to 50g of CO2e, creating a compelling reason to stop cc'ing people who do are not directly relevant to a conversation. Facebook, which relies principally on coal to fuel its data centers, nevertheless has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than Google, where every month user searches generate 260,000 ... ...Read the whole story

      • Salesforce Stock is Up 44% This Year; Cloud Computing Company Poised for More Growth Through Marketing AcquisitionsBusinessweek

        Salesforce's stock rose 7.3% this morning following last night's announcement of Q3 numbers that beat expectations. While traditional technology businesses find continued growth a challenge, Salesforce is enjoying growth in excess of 25%. The company is using its acquisitions in marketing and social services to expand into new areas. ...Read the whole story

      • Video Email Doubles Clickthrough Rate for B2B PublisherMarketingSherpa

        Ragan Communications, a B2B publishing and training company, tested video emails against plain text and designed emails as part of a recent conference promotion. The video emails featured a screen shot of the video that linked to a landing page where the video played. Ragan found that open rates across the three message formats were consistent, but that the click-throughs of the video emails were twice as high as the text and designed emails.  ...Read the whole story

      Can't We All Just Get Along? Deliverability As An Optimization Problem

      I'm on several spirited discussion lists where email marketers and deliverability folks hang out. Over the last few years, I've seen this conversation played out many times: Deliverability Person (and Occasional "Enlightened" Marketer): "Target, target, target. ...More