Friday, December 14, 2012

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      • 91% Have Gone Into Stores Because of an Online PromotionMarketing Land

        Wanderful Media has released results from a survey of over 1,000 shoppers and finds that 91% have gone into a physical store because of some sort of online promotions. Email leads the types of promotions that drive in-store visits at 60%, followed by online coupons at 59% and online ads promoting a sale at 56%.  ...Read the whole story

      • Website Intelligence Networks Provide Email Addresses of Visitors Who Do Not Provide Them ThemselvesEconsultancy

        Website intelligence networks, such as LeadLender, are able to provide website owners with the email addresses of people who visit their sites, even if the visitors do not provide the information to the site during their visit. By tracking form submissions across multiple sites, these networks are able to pair an email address and other personally identifiable information to technographic information like a visitor's IP address. The practice has incited controversy among privacy advocates and many in the advertising and direct marketing communities. ...Read the whole story

      • One In Ten Workers Have Over 10,000 Emails In InboxTechnology Guide

        Software company Varonis has published a study that finds 1 in 10 workers have over 10,000 emails in their inbox at any given time. The report has also found that almost a quarter of workers receive between 100 and 1,000 new emails per day and that 40% spend at least half an hour a day (120 hours or 3 full weeks per year) dealing with email overload. Full inboxes lead to productivity decreases in other ways as well, with 43% taking "virtual coffee breaks" at news and other websites to escape the overwhelming email volume. ...Read the whole story

      • Only 36% of Marketers Manage Brand Experience Across All

        According to the Forrester Research "Benchmark Your Brand-Building Capabilities" report, only 36% of marketers responded that they are consistently managing their brand experience across all customer touch points.  The study also found 91% believe a clear understanding of the customer is extremely or very important for effective brand building. ...Read the whole story

      Designing Email For Multiple Screens: Four Options

      Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question in email marketing today is "How do we address the growing number of subscribers who are reading our emails on mobile devices?" Specifically, the question becomes: "How do ...More

      • Six Great Responsive Email Designs

        With the number of people reading emails on mobile devices increasing every month, responsive design that reformats emails for optimized viewing on different devices is rising in popularity as well. See some examples of how emails ...More