Monday, December 17, 2012

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      • Cox Restores Email Outage, Queued Messages to be Delivered on Rolling BasisMultichannel News

        Cox Communications has restored email service today after a storage failure left residential customers in the Midwest and East Coast without email access on Friday. The company reports that it has stored all messages intended for its customers and will release them for delivery on a rolling basis. "We will remain intensely focused on this effort until all queued email messages are successfully delivered," a Cox representative said in a statement.  ...Read the whole story

      • Big Data Volume to Multiply 50-fold by 2020readwrite

        A new study by International Data Corp predicts that by 2020 the amount of digital data created, replicated and consumed by every person on the planet will equal 5,200 gigabytes per year, 50 times more than today's levels. This rise in data volume will also mean a rise in data's value as currency, causing companies to change their behavior in order to collect and protect it.  ...Read the whole story

      • Message Bus Offers On-Time Delivery Guarantee for Transactional EmailMarketWatch

        Cloud-based message provider Message Bus announced today the industry's first on-time delivery guarantee for transactional email messages, promising that password resets, delivery confirmations, abandoned shopping cart notifications and receipts will be handed off to the recipient's ISP within 30 seconds.  ...Read the whole story

      • RueLaLa Replaces Daily Sale Email with Appeal to Honor Sandy Hook VictimsZlataThoughts

        Daily deal retailer Rue La La has halted its daily sales for a day, replacing its usual email to customers with an appeal to honor the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. The email creative simply lists all of the victims by first name only and exchanges the usual call-to-action with a plea to donate to the United Way of Western Connecticut.  ...Read the whole story

      • U.K. Company to Phase Out Internal Email by 2014The Guardian

        After analyzing employee communication patterns and finding that the average employee spent 40% of his/her time on internal emails that added no value to the business, the U.K.'s Halton Housing Trust will phase out internal email by 2014. During the analysis, the company learned that 75,000 of the 95,000 emails sent by employees were internal, as were the 68% of the 127,000 received emails. The company has not yet decided which channel(s) of communication will replace email and will review options throughout 2013. ...Read the whole story

      Designing Email For Multiple Screens: Four Options

      Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question in email marketing today is "How do we address the growing number of subscribers who are reading our emails on mobile devices?" Specifically, the question becomes: "How do ...More