Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  • Marketers: Align Objectives With Data Collection

    Data that is dependent on large-scale rapid computing that can crunch and deliver numbers on the fly requires capital investments. Marketing departments have begun to spend more money compared with their counterparts on technology, in search of insights into customer needs. ...Read the whole story

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    • Email's Conversion Rate Outperforms Other B2B Web Traffic SourcesMarketing Charts

      Optify has released its "2012 B-to-B Marketing Benchmark Report" which finds that email bests all other sources of web traffic when it comes to conversion rate. A study of 62 million visits from 350,000 leads across 600 companies revealed that the conversion rate of email was 2.89%, 81% higher than the average of 1.6% and 42% higher than second-place referrals at 2.04%. ...Read the whole story

    • iPad Owners Prefer Reading Email on Tablet Over PC by 'a Wide Margin'The Next Web

      A survey of 4,400 iPad owners by Perion finds that 97% use the device to read email and 90% say that being able to read email on the iPad is either "very important" or "extremely important." Two-thirds also report checking email on their iPad more than three times per day. Two-thirds of respondents send email from their iPad with just under a third reporting that it is the only device through which they send mail. ...Read the whole story

    • Super Bowl and Playoff Email Campaigns Build Interactivity Through Game OutcomesDigital Journal

      Email marketers are quick to tie topical events into promotions. Elite Email has analyzed campaign trends in January and found that the Super Bowl and playoffs are a popular contextual lead-in again this year. One difference from 2011 however is the incorporation of game outcomes into promotions, such as offering Promotion A if one team wins, and Promotion B if the other is victorious. In these campaigns a second message is sent immediately following the game to announce the winning team and promotion, a tactic that builds engagement and anticipation. ...Read the whole story

    • Email: Misspelling Names Breeds Consumer ResentmentBizReport

      50% of consumers report that seeing their name spelled incorrectly in a personalized email would cause them to resent once-favored brands, according to a study by Emailvision. Mixing up gender by calling a Miss a Mr. or vice versa is almost as equally annoying at 40%. ...Read the whole story

    • Bronto Launches Past-Purchase Remarketing ServiceBronto Blog

      Bronto Software now enables retailers to import past-purchase data from any e-commerce or order system in order to power remarketing campaigns. The new functionality allows marketers to use products ordered, purchase channel and other order information to generate reports and create segments for targeted messages. ...Read the whole story