Monday, January 28, 2013

      Around The Net

      • Telephone Consumer Protection Act May Also Encompass SMS MessagingInformation Lawgroup

        The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act restricts telephone solicitations and the use of automated telephone equipment. Even though the law written before SMS messages were a reality, courts in California and Chicago have already interpreted the undefined term "any call" to include SMS messages if the messages are sent using an automated system.  ...Read the whole story

      • Facebook, Email Providers Say They Require Warrants for Private Data SeizuresThe Hill

        The 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act currently requires law enforcement officials to obtain a subpoena, issued without a judge's approval, to read emails, instant messages and other forms of digital communication that have been opened or that are more than 180 days old. An amendment to the ECPA written by Senator Patrick Leahy would require a search warrant as well. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook say they already require a search warrant before turning over any user information and argue that the Fourth Amendment, prohibiting unlawful search and seizure, already provides more legal protection than the ECPA.   ...Read the whole story

      • Traditional Media, Search Trusted More Than Owned, Social Media For News InfoMarketing Charts

        The newly released 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer finds that consumers across all age groups trust traditional media and search engines as news sources more than owned or social media. Interestingly, the study found that younger consumers are generally more trusting of all media sources than older consumers. ...Read the whole story

      • Microsoft Said to be Testing an Outlook Client for Windows RT for TabletsZDNet

        Microsoft is rumored to have completed internal testing of a version of Windows Outlook that runs on Windows RT devices, including the Surface tablet. A source reports that there still exists some internal debate about whether or not to release an RT version of Outlook. Windows RT already has a Mail client, though some users believe it is not robust enough. ...Read the whole story

      • Electronic Pillbox Sends Email Reminderssmartplanet

        Developers in San Francisco have created the MedFolio Electronic Pillbox, which helps consumers organize complex medication schedules using LED lights, and sends a reminder message by email or SMS when it is time to take a pill. A wireless version of the device is in the works, which would share the reminder alerts with other members of the family or household. ...Read the whole story