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Don't Forget Their Similarities As You Learn Their Differences
The actual ranking varied a little, but the consistency is plain. Additionally, Millennials, too, embody the American dream. In fact, they're so traditional that goals like having children, having a regular 8-to-5 job and owning a home are actually more important to them than older generations.» 0 Comments
Gen Y Users Will Flock To Bing And Contextual Search
Maybe don't focus quite as much on writing for keywords and just create compelling content that is so good users can't help but share it with their friends.» 0 Comments
Generation Interrupted: Millennials Take A Break From Job Hunting
Even recent grads who are ready to get to work can end up with a "why bother" attitude because they see little logic in striving for a less-than-perfect job when mom and dad are there to lend a helping hand until they land the position they want. After all, Millennials are close to their parents; living at home doesn't mean dealing with authoritarian rule, it means hanging out with people they like to spend time with.» 0 Comments
The End Of Media As We Know It?
To survive the Mediapocalypse and continue to connect with Millennials, focus efforts on the ubiquity of media. No fragmenting. Invest in learning how to craft messages across it, simultaneously, to create relevant connections. And, think about the many ways we can be and already are a part of media.» 0 Comments