The Private Side Of Social Media
Millennials have come to be known as the over-sharing generation. But after years of broadcasting their lives on Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds under profiles tied to their real names and real lives, Millennials are looking for ways to share their thoughts with fewer consequences. They're still sharing and looking for outlets to send out their thoughts and voices, but there is a new desire for privacy, secrecy, and anonymity in social media. The Facebookers are becoming the faceless.» 1 Comments
Millennial Values Do Not Waver Despite Differences
For better or worse, Millennials are often viewed as a singular group. They are often characterized as a "me-first" generation that would rather spend time "instagraming" their meals than having a meaningful conversation with another human being. Most brands, of course, know this notion is false. Millennials are very much a deep, complicated collection of people whose interests and purchasing patterns are yet to be completely cracked by marketers.» 1 Comments
The Selfie Is Dead, Long Live The Selfie
Sometime in the late-21st century, when linguists and anthropologists are working to pinpoint the exact date when the selfie died, they might trace the Moment of Death for the Selfie (at least among a certain group of Millennials) to Nov. 19, 2013. That, of course, was the day when the esteemed arbiters of words and stuff at the Oxford English Dictionary officially named "selfie" the 2013 Word of the Year. Not-so-coincidentally, it was the same day that Millennials around the world let out a collective "ugh," put down their collective camera phones, and rolled their collective eyes so far back ...» 2 Comments
Our 5 Biggest Pieces Of Marketing Advice For 2014
We're more than a week into 2014, and 2013 has already become a memory. But it was a big year in tech, marketing, and a big year for Millennials (as they officially became a buzzword), and we don't want to let the last 12 months go without looking at the lessons we've learned. Today, we're listing our biggest advice on how to market to Millennials that you should take with you into the next year.» 0 Comments
Jay-Z's 'Lack of Authenticity' Should Give Clue to Millennial Marketers
Never underestimate the power of transparency, especially when trying to appeal to Millennials. According to recent research by celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev, hip-hop superstar Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has an authenticity problem. The study found that of the 80 celebrities presented to a field of over 1,000 Millennial consumers, Jay-Z was actually the least prominent when it came to purchasing influence.» 0 Comments
Millennials And Finance: Why It Pays To Engage This Generation Now
Despite stubbornly high unemployment rates, Millennials' purchasing power is growing rapidly. At nearly 40 million strong, this group is expected to contribute to the economy in a big way, spending $200 billion annually starting in 2017, and investing a higher%age of their income than any other generation. As far as personal finance and financial-centered products are concerned, we can't afford to ignore them. And lucky for us, Millennials are more open to financial advice than any other generation. As we make an effort to speak more directly to Millennials, here are three key things to keep in mind.» 1 Comments
Privacy for Millennials ... It's Complicated
Millennials are sending mixed signals. On one hand, they share more publicly (i.e., online) than generations older than they are willing to, but at the same time they vociferously defend their right to privacy.» 1 Comments
Wine Not: Lessons In Shifting A Luxury Product
They're young, thirsty, and ready to pop the cork-but Millennials aren't drinking wine like their parents did. Boomers value the snobbiness of wine, while Millennials care more about authenticity and adventure than luxury, looking to spend an average of $10-12 per bottle.» 1 Comments
Brands Must Market Practicality to Millennial Parents
The generation that many groups have characterized as lazy and self-absorbed is suddenly entering the parental space. Millennials are starting to become moms and dads. As a matter of fact, 10.8 million American households are now headed by Millennial parents, according to a recent study by Barkley, "Millennials as New Parents." However, according to more than one source, the generation that many marketers thought they had pegged in terms of priorities and values may be very different than originally perceived. It seems that, especially once they become parents, Millennials take a more modest approach to consumer habits, valuing quality over ...» 2 Comments
Millennial Dads Are Do-ers, Not Doofuses
Fatherhood is not what it used to be, and I mean that in a good way. Dads have become more invested in their children, both emotionally and physically. This isn't to say fathers today love their children more than, say, our fathers loved us. This is simply to say that times are changing when it comes to how Millennial dads approach their role. Dads today are changing their behaviors, embracing their responsibilities, and shopping more than ever before, so it's crucial we connect with them in meaningful ways. Millennial dads are behaving differently than their fathers in three key ways.» 0 Comments
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