• Instagram And Tumblr: Getting Visual With The Millennial Generation
    We are visual creatures. Images convey information to us more quickly - and often more emotively and powerfully - than text or speech. So it makes sense that, in a world full of more content than we can possibly absorb, images and video are the go-to format for connecting with Millennials (a/k/a Gen Y).
  • Snapshot Marketing: The Next Essential Social Media Step
    When social media became a marketing must, Facebook ruled the roost, but even before the outrage over their diminished organic reach began, the conviction that advertising on the platform was effectively reaching Millennials was waning. Meanwhile, Twitter allows for unprecedented real-time personal interactions between consumers and brands, but the network is difficult to get right, and some brands are still trying to figure out how to master something as essential as hashtags. While social media marketing is more essential than ever, it can be unclear to many how best to participate and just where they should be. So what's next? ...
  • Why Are Millennial Working Moms So Happy?
    Even under the best circumstances, finding equilibrium in work-life balance can be challenging for most working parents. Since the oldest Millennials started entering the workforce more than a decade ago, they have collectively made it clear to their employers that they value vacation and time for themselves over most other job perks. Indeed, compared to more aggressively career-minded Generation X or Baby Boomer workers, Millennial workers are the least likely to say that work should play "a very central part" in one's life.
  • 4 Habits To Pay Close Attention To When Marketing To Hispanics
    Hispanic Millennials are the single most important consumer group per capita in the U.S.
  • Want to Score Big With Your World Cup Marketing? Target the Omnichannel 'Majority'
    Did you know 3.2 billion people watched the last World Cup and 715 million watched the Finals alone? Compare that to the 108 million people who watched this year's highly anticipated Super Bowl.
  • Brick And Mortar Fights Back
    It's a tough time for brick and mortar retailers. It's no secret that Millennials are increasingly skipping trips to the store to make their purchases online, and now some retailers are fighting back with innovative in-person experiences.
  • Marketers Cannot Forget About Older Millennials In Their Outreach Strategy
    The overall public image of Millennials consists of young, self-important 20-somethings with poor work ethic and a mobile device in hand at all times. Anyone who has conducted thorough research about the group knows that this is simply not true and nothing more than a misguided generalization - and that misguidedness includes describing Millennials as "young."
  • Trends In Emerging Technology & How They Influence Everyday Millennials
    When it comes to the attention-fleeting Millennial demographic, we are seeing more and more emerging technologies designed to appeal to this age group in attempt to gain mainstream popularity. As a result, many early adopters are comprised of Millennials looking to get their hands on the latest and greatest new devices. At the same time, it's still too early to tell how and if these emerging technologies will actually change the future of the consumer landscape, like MP3 players and iPods transformed the music industry.
  • A Unique Angle On The Emerging Adult
    For years now, I've considered myself an expert on Millennial behavior. As an employer, I've hired and managed them. As a parent, I've raised two of them. As a communications consultant, I've counseled clients on how to talk to them. But, it wasn't until I recently became an adjunct professor that I began to comprehend and appreciate their struggles on the road to adulthood.
  • Media Viewing Habits Of The Soon-to-be Rich And Famous
    Members of Gen Y grew up with the Internet and mobile phones as a given. They see continuous connectivity as their right - there for them any place, anytime. Their media viewing habits are no different: They expect access to content whenever they want it, delivered to any screen they choose.
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