• Three Ways To Maximize Holiday Marketing ROI
    In the holiday crunch time, a marketer's efforts can really be likened to something your grandmother probably told you: Waste not, want not.
  • Facebook Is Dead For Gen Y; What's Next?

    I was a freshman in college in 2004 when Facebook came to my campus.

    It was kind of a big deal, to say the least.

    The student newspaper published articles speculating when our .edu addresses would be able to unlock Zuckerberg's gates. For a platform designed to help you keep in touch with people you meet, the exclusivity of it to just college students was the main driver.

    With more than 800 million members, that's gone.

    It's like when your parents sent you that first message on AOL's Instant Messenger. In an instant, it went from a tool to chat ...

  • Trends For 2012: Cord Cutting, Tablets Go Mass Market, Twitter Takes Over
    We follow youth culture and media trends closely throughout the year, and we're seeing some significant shifts in Gen Y attitudes and habits that will have an impact going into 2012 and beyond. Some of these trends, such cord cutting, have been brewing for years and are just now becoming a reality, while others, such as students owning tablets, are the result of rapid technological innovations.
  • A Notion Divided
    When many of us were living at home, before college, we dreamt of getting out of the suburbs and into the city. A lot of us made it to the city and planted new roots, while others were soon abruptly uprooted and forced to move back to the suburbs. Now, some of us are dreaming about willingly going back to the suburbs, but cannot leave the city. Depending on where we are at this point in our lives, due to the economic regression (yes, regression), the notion of the Millennial dream is now divided between suburb and city.