Results for April 2009

The New Connectedness
Social media have encouraged us to express authentic emotion in real conversation, as opposed to the manufactured emotion in the monologue of marketing messages of yesterday.» 0 Comments
Twitter Talk
For those marketing in Twitter space for the first time, there is a distinct learning curve. Here are some basic lessons.» 0 Comments
The Church-State Divide
A hot topic among editors and publishers both cyber and paper these days is how the traditional lines between content and ad messaging are being blurred. While the American Society of Magazine Editors polices the separation of the two in the magazine world, it's been a little more like the Wild West online.» 0 Comments
Brands Create Offline Experiences For Online Moms
Because of the time and investment involved in such events, they present a great opportunity for the marketer to really get to know the bloggers and maintain a relationship.» 0 Comments
The New Retreats: Mommy Conferences
Part retreat/part business, these events focus on the business of blogging, entrepreneurship, marketing and enhancing the relationships attendees have developed with each other via social media. So, how can marketers best position their brands at such events?» 0 Comments