• Moms Dish Up Thoughts On Black Friday And Cyber Monday
    As we approach Thanksgiving week, I'm gearing up for my annual Black Friday shopping excursion. Yes, I admit it. I am one of those Black Friday shoppers, out the door before sunrise with holiday gift list in hand to shop for my family, friends and team. I knock out the rest of the list on Cyber Monday. I'm calling myself a hybrid shopper, and you'll read why below.
  • Identifying And Understanding The Mom Cultures Within Your Audience
    We live in a content world driven by the attention economy.
  • Mom Testing Facebook Live
    It's a Friday in September and influencers Audrey McClelland & Vera Sweeney are standing in front of a huge "Paw Patrol" display at a Toys R Us on Long Island.
  • What's New For Holiday 2016
    It's that time again when brands are looking for the silver bullet that will drive holiday sales and help them meet their goals for 2016. Unfortunately, many marketing teams set their plans in place back in the spring. I say unfortunately because in a time when social media is constantly changing, it's nearly impossible to predict what social platform will be popular six months in advance.
  • Diversify Your Native Advertising To Reach Moms Effectively
    Native advertising is pulling ahead as a "go to" tactic for effectively reaching your target audience. "Business Insider" predicts that by 2021, native advertising will make up 74% of all ad revenue. That is a staggering number.
  • Millennial Moms (And Dads) Bringing Back The Art Of Couponing
    Over the last 40 years, it was not uncommon to see moms (and increasingly dads) huddled around kitchen tables, scissors in hand, clipping out all those little squares of savings known as coupons. From penny savers to local newspapers, budget-minded families made coupons a part of every shopping trip. It seems that Millennials learned a lot from their parents as they are now keeping couponing alive, but in a much more tech-savvy way.
  • The Love And Loyalty Of Moms
    While much is written about Millennials, Gen Z and other cohorts, moms are, and always will be, a key target for brands. Dads have evolved and are more involved with family decisions, but moms are still leading the pack when it comes to making and influencing purchase decisions. With so many opportunities to sway Mom's decision, brands want to know what really makes her loyal. Is she even loyal to a particular brand anymore?
  • Harness Social And Online To Influence Mom's In-Store Purchases
    There's no question the path to purchase is nonlinear, especially for moms. Moms seamlessly zigzag through various channels and media all the way to the checkout line. For many years, in-store shopper marketing was limited to initiatives such as store signage, displays or promotions to drive sales at the point of purchase. While these tactics are certainly still effective, moms no longer rely on just the latest end cap.
  • Should Beauty Brands Worry About The #NoMakeUp Movement?
    In late August at MTVs Video Music Awards, Alicia Keys showed up to present the Best Male Video Award as well as honor Martin Luther King Jr. Keys appeared at the event sans makeup and the internet took notice. Tens of thousands of tweets appeared both encouraging as well as rebuking Keys' decision.
  • How To Win The Mom Vote
    With only a few weeks left until Election Day in a highly contentious presidential contest, Hillary and Donald would do well to heed the timeless advice of listening to their mothers, all 40 million of them. This powerful group of voters will head to the polls in November hoping, as all voters do, to shape the future of the country, and more importantly their children's futures, through the ballot box. In a recent survey, more than 89% of moms - Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers - plan to vote in the 2016 election but 60% of these same moms feel ...
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