• Moms Prefer Goals To Resolutions
    It's the dawn of a New Year. And it's that time of year when people start to think about New Year's resolutions. Well, maybe not everyone!
  • A Different Kind Of Shopping Experience: Marketing To The Moms Of College-Bound Children
    While most mothers are focused on the holiday shopping season, there is one segment of moms who are actively doing another type of shopping - college shopping. Yes, it's that time of year when mothers with high school seniors are eagerly awaiting SAT or ACT results, sifting through direct mail pieces from colleges and universities and loading up the car for campus tours.
  • How Data Science Enhances Your Mom Buyer Personas
    Brands need to have an intimate knowledge of their consumers to reach and connect with today's consumers. Buyer personas have been a way to help marketers humanize their target customers for decades. While these archetypes may have a traditional feel to them, enhancing consumer profiles with data-driven insights brings a new life to them.
  • Want To See What's Next? Look To Future Moms
    I'm a Gen X mom who missed being a Millennial by about a year. I identify as an Xer and share many of the qualities of Xer Moms-pragmatic, value conscious, time-strapped, and in search of convenience. It has taken a while, but marketers seem to "get" me and my needs more often than not.
  • Mom's Mindset This Holiday Shopping Season
    Let's be clear, this holiday shopping season still has the "hangover" effect of the election to endure. In a survey that we fielded two days after the Presidential Election, over 45% of moms indicated that the results of this election put the U.S. on the wrong path for the future, and 15% of moms surveyed said that they would spend less this holiday shopping season as a result of Trump's win.
  • Moms Dish Up Thoughts On Black Friday And Cyber Monday
    As we approach Thanksgiving week, I'm gearing up for my annual Black Friday shopping excursion. Yes, I admit it. I am one of those Black Friday shoppers, out the door before sunrise with holiday gift list in hand to shop for my family, friends and team. I knock out the rest of the list on Cyber Monday. I'm calling myself a hybrid shopper, and you'll read why below.
  • Identifying And Understanding The Mom Cultures Within Your Audience
    We live in a content world driven by the attention economy.
  • Mom Testing Facebook Live
    It's a Friday in September and influencers Audrey McClelland & Vera Sweeney are standing in front of a huge "Paw Patrol" display at a Toys R Us on Long Island.
  • What's New For Holiday 2016
    It's that time again when brands are looking for the silver bullet that will drive holiday sales and help them meet their goals for 2016. Unfortunately, many marketing teams set their plans in place back in the spring. I say unfortunately because in a time when social media is constantly changing, it's nearly impossible to predict what social platform will be popular six months in advance.
  • Diversify Your Native Advertising To Reach Moms Effectively
    Native advertising is pulling ahead as a "go to" tactic for effectively reaching your target audience. "Business Insider" predicts that by 2021, native advertising will make up 74% of all ad revenue. That is a staggering number.
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