• You've Come A Long Way, Baby
    With an estimated 4 million babies born in the U.S. every year, the number for marketers to pay attention to is $10,000 to $12,000. That's the average to low end of the budget that today's mom-to-be will spend as she prepares for baby's arrival. Women having babies and raising young children are the Millennial generation, a group that makes up about 21% of the U.S. population and the largest consumer group to emerge since the Baby Boomer generation.
  • The Embeddable Mom Of The Future
    Today's social media-savvy moms are considered early technology adopters, but is mom ready to embrace the wearable Internet and become the next mobile device?
  • Marketing To The Mompreneur Generation
    Traditional marketing-to-mom tropes have become less and less reliable. Is the modern mom working, a homemaker, an educator, the breadwinner, a spouse, a shopper, or primary nurturer? Is she all of the above, or none of the above?
  • Do Moms Make Better Entrepreneurs?
    If necessity is indeed the "mother of invention," then moms are increasingly finding it necessary to not only invent products to make the world go 'round, but to build their own businesses around them.
  • Content Marketing And The Modern Mom
    We all know that today's mom is always connected, puts her family first, and expects only the best from her favorite brands. But why does this matter to content marketers? These "household CEOs" represent over a trillion dollars in household spending per year. Marketers who truly understand this audience can leverage great content to build loyalty and influence purchases.
  • Little People, Big Decisions
    When we were getting ready to adopt our little girl, I thought I was prepared for the inevitable life disruptions: sleep deprivation, diaper duty, feeding conundrums. But I was completely unprepared for one of the more overwhelming aspects of early parenthood: choosing baby products and gear.
  • 5 Questions To Ask Before You Post
    Last week I had the privilege of attending Generation W, an annual event in Jacksonville, Fla., that brings together leaders and experts from around the country for a day of education, inspiration and connection for women. While this event is about inspiring thought leadership that will move people to improve their lives and communities, it also gave me some marketing-to-mom inspiration-specifically in a session led by public relations and social media consultant Angie Orth.
  • The Rising Influence Of The Latina And How To Reach Her
    Latina moms are going to be the subject of the same fervor and focus that was put towards marketing to moms and social media back in the '90s. One in four babies in the U.S. are born to a Latina mother and, by 2015, that number will change to one in three, with their purchasing power estimated to reach $1.5 trillion. According to Nielsen, "they are now the primary or joint decision-makers in every major category including groceries, finances, electronics and family care." As with every demographic uptick, this will have major effects on brands and their shopper marketing strategies. ...
  • 2014 Presents A Year of New Social Media Conferences For Sponsors And Brands
    There was a day in the not-too-distant past when sponsors had only a few choices for event sponsorship in the mom blogosphere. However, as the space has matured and grown, so have the conferences that serve the assorted interests and experience level of mom bloggers. Before throwing your dollars at the same events you've been tapping, you may want to look at some of the exciting new options for 2014.
  • Mindful Mothering
    Like most of the internet this week, I have been in equal measure perplexed and amused at the now infamous term "Conscious Uncoupling." In case you've been hiding under a rock this week, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their decision to consciously uncouple, and the internet exploded. However, if we look past the quips on Twitter and obvious "SNL" fodder, what we see is an extreme form of a trend that has been gathering pace during the past few years.
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