• 12 Ways To Kill An Influential Mom's Authentic Content In A Heartbeat
    Working with the influential social media mom? Their compelling stories begin and end with authentic content. A recent "Forbes" article showed 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content. These stories bring relevancy to brands through content that showcases real life usage. Authenticity is key to creating stories that get read and shared.
  • Moms Turn To Instagram For Small Moments Of Escape
    Today's moms are always on. In fact, a recent study, "The New Micro-Leisure," found that Millennials in particular (Millennial moms included) rarely go 15 minutes without checking their phones. As I talk with moms, I often ask them what brands they follow on social media, and which companies inspire them the most online.
  • Mommy Blogging: Giving Up Or Growing Up?
    Earlier this year, Heather Armstrong, the so-called Queen of the Mommy Bloggers, announced that she had begun to shift her attention away from blogging. The challenges of the job - from aggressive publishing schedules to demanding advertising contracts to concerns about her family's safety - were resulting in what she called "a dangerous level of exhaustion and dissatisfaction."
  • Millennial Moms Redefine Work
    As they have done with most aspects of life, Millennial Moms have put their own mark on the workplace and how they view employment. Millennials now compose 34% of the workforce according to the Department of Labor Statistics, outnumbering Boomers and Gen Xers who represent 32% combined. By 2020, they will represent 46% of all U.S. workers. They are entrepreneurial in spirit, mostly because they seek employment on their own terms.
  • Move Over, Millennial Moms, It's Time To Talk About Gen Z
    Millennial Moms have been the focus of our attention for a while now, but smart marketers are already looking ahead to a generation of moms just appearing on the horizon: Gen Z.
  • 2015 Women's Blogging And Business Report: 'Blogging Is On The Decline'
    It seems influencer marketing is on the tip of everyone's tongue these days. So it's particularly interesting to hear that one of the findings of the 2015 Women's Blogging And Business Report put out by iBlog Magazine showed blogging was on a decline. The report found that 55% of bloggers work on their blog 5-20 hours weekly, and that only 22% claimed to work over 30-35 hours or more.
  • The Clunky Genius Of The Amazon Dash Button Launch
    Forging into the future, Amazon has made its Dash Buttons available to Amazon Prime members.
  • New Moms More Inclined To Shop Healthy
    While browsing through the new live-streaming video app, Periscope, I recently came across a pregnant woman searching for healthy body care products in the supermarket. Like so many others, this first-time mom was on a mission to convert over to healthier products, in hopes that she could decrease the amount of unnecessary, and potentially harmful, chemicals in her body. Given my focus on marketing to moms, I was thrilled to virtually shop along with this new mom on Periscope. I watched as she carefully examined the ingredients listed on shampoo, lotions and soaps.
  • Periscope Up
    I admit it; I'm crazy about Periscope. A relative newborn on the social media scene, Periscope is the iPhone app that lets you live stream video through Twitter from virtually anywhere in the world. An industry article earlier this month reports 10 million Periscope users with almost 2 million account holders opening the app on a daily basis. Hearing the buzz a few months ago, I downloaded the app to see what the hype was about with this new video tool.
  • As Women And Girls Take Off, Are Marketers Keeping Up?
    I've been spending some wonderful quality time with my 10-year-old daughter this summer, yet I can't stop thinking about the fact that no matter how I parent at home, there are still so many external factors that may get in the way of the confident young adult I hope she will become.
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