• Are Moms Saying No To Black Friday?
    Is waking up at 4 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving really becoming a thing of the past? As one of the biggest shopping days of the year approaches, stories are once again making headlines on whether Black Friday, the uniquely American phenomenon of fabulous deals and frenzied buying, is dead. With Black Friday-level prices showing up earlier and earlier (my inbox agrees), Thanksgiving Day store hours pulling shoppers in the doors and online shopping taking its share, the impact of this one-day event is definitely changing.
  • Ways Millennial Moms Are Using Their Smartphones Smarter Than You
    The other day, I was standing in line at Target when this child in line caught my eye - or rather, my ear. He was going bananas - yelling, screaming, grabbing just about everything in sight and heaving it to the floor. Meanwhile, his young Mom couldn't be bothered. Instead of paying attention to the needs of her child, she had her eyes fixated on the screen of her new iPhone6, no doubt checking out how many of her fellow Millennials decided on Pumpkin Spice Lattes that morning. Or was she?
  • Moms Are On The Move ... But Health And Fitness Trackers Aren't Keeping Up
    For a lot of working moms, just getting through the day can feel like running a marathon. And as any marathon runner will tell you, if you're not making health and fitness a priority in your life, you're never going to make it to the finish line.
  • Digital Marketing To Moms Vs. Digital Marketing To Women: Do Brands Need Disparate Strategies?
    Many brands recognize the purchasing power of the female demographic and seek to target women as their primary consumer, for anything from consumer package goods and household appliances to automobiles, financial services and luxury vacations. However, brands that don't take into account the below marketing misconceptions when targeting women in a rapidly evolving social media environment, are missing a real opportunity to gain positive awareness and build brand loyalty.
  • The Auto Industry's Missed Opportunity: Female Consumers
    Three in four moms consider themselves the sole decision-maker when it comes to new car purchases. Yet, 91% of women feel misunderstood by car manufacturers. I wondered why, so I reached out to Jody Devere of "Ask Patty," an automotive expert who lives and breathes the automotive space every day.
  • Where Is The Relief For The Busier-than-ever Mom?
    In my 20 years of marketing to moms, one observation has always been there: Moms are busy. But it's not an insight, and the solution isn't "let's play up how convenient the product is!"
  • When Moms Defer To Digital Dads
    We tend to think of moms as children's first teachers, their guides as they learn about and explore the world. But as digital technology becomes a greater part of kids' everyday lives, are mothers the ones shepherding them online to engage in interactive experiences? When looking at the media and technology co-consumption behaviors of moms and dads with their children, interesting patterns emerge.
  • Beyond The Holiday: 3 Other Ways To Celebrate With Mom In November
    As you head to the store to pick up your bag of Halloween candy and last-minute costume items, you will notice that sitting next to the brightly lit jack-o-lanterns are brightly lit Christmas trees. Yes, it appears that the holiday shopping season is upon us and as soon as Nov. 1 hits, you might find yourself in a full holiday panic.
  • Beyond Product Reviews, Leveraging The Power Of Mom Bloggers
    Holiday season is in full swing and many marketers will once again turn to the influence of Mom Bloggers. Just as technology has changed since last holiday season, so have the most effective ways to leverage your relationships with moms. Here are a few ways to expand your tactics and maximize your marketing with these social media mavens.
  • The Other Side of the Fence: What A Brand Marketer Learned While Working For A Digital Publisher
    After graduating from business school, I jumped right into the marketing world with a job as associate brand manager. One of the perks of the job was that I had the opportunity to spend a year learning how things work "on the other side of the fence" - that is, on the digital publishing side. I'm about three-quarters of the way through my year - focused specifically on the mom marketplace - and so far it's been a wonderfully eye-opening experience. In business school, or even in traditional brand marketing jobs, we don't usually get this kind of hands-on experience ...
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