• Buyer Bullseye: Why Millennial Moms Are Still A Top Target For Marketers
    Millennial moms are among the most sought after consumer groups, holding an estimated $3.1 trillion in spending power and accounting for 77% of the purchase decisions within the household in general, according to eMarketer. They're also more digitally savvy than marketers might realize, as evidenced by Hallmark's recent targeted holiday campaign that sponsors a branded geo-filter on Snapchat, a platform where Millennial moms are actually among the highest-growth audiences.
  • The Organic Bubble
    Camo-clad Uncle Bob shares a squinty-eyed staring duel with mom-and-chef-in-charge Cassie over the Thanksgiving table. Apparently, her organic stuffing wasn't what he had in mind. If pushed to the limits, the exchange might leave a lasting holiday memory - maybe even the need for GMO and non-GMO tables next year.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work For Millennial Women: Food on #Fleek
    A few months ago, we decided to do a multi-generational study to better understand women and food.
  • 5 Last-Minute Marketing Tactics To Drive Holiday Sales With Millennial Moms
    My Thanksgiving grocery shopping is finished; my Black Friday list is ready (yes, I confess I am one of the 5 a.m. deal seekers, but I knock out most of my holiday shopping by the time my family has breakfast). And as I made my Black Friday list, I thought about the light-speed approach of the holidays and the last-minute strategies I would offer CMOs for maximizing holiday sales. After all, these next few weeks of holiday shopping comprise about 20% in annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation.
  • Can Moms Shop Smart Without Their Smartphones?
    Recently, we presented a group of moms with a challenge that made them shudder with dread. It may not have been as painful as childbirth or as stressful as sleep training, but it did require them to tap into their deepest reserves of maternal strength and courage.
  • How Grocery Stores Are Evolving To Meet Mom's Needs
    There is no doubt that the shopping habits of moms are changing, but how is the industry changing to meet her needs? Below are four ways that grocers are evolving to meet the new needs of shoppers according to Meg Major, chief content editor for Progressive Grocer.
  • How Food Brands Can Win Over Female Shoppers
    It's a typical Tuesday evening at Jackie's house in Madison, Wisc. Jackie, 36, is watching her daughter, Lucy, 6 ,and son, James, 5, push their dinner around their plates. "Why aren't you eating? Jackie asks. "Because you make the same thing all the time. Can't we have something different for dinner?" Lucy asks.
  • Connect With More Millennial Moms - Scaling The Niches
    I recently had the opportunity to speak at MediaPost's Engage Millennials Conference in New York City. I moderated the panel, "Scaling The Niches: Finding Efficiency Among The Moments," which you can now watch online on UStream. Our panel addressed the challenge brands have in scale and efficiency in outreach to Millennials.
  • Why Moms Can't Make A Quick Decision
    Ask any mother what her child's favorite foods are and she'll probably rattle them off without blinking. Ask her to visit the grocery aisle and choose the medication she would buy if her child is coughing and she'll hesitate. Not because she doesn't know, but because she wants to think about it. A lot.
  • Millennial Moms Are Creators Of New Holidays
    'Tis the season for fall holidays, and it seems like they keep arriving earlier every year! For Millennials, holidays and special occasions are not just about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah anymore. Even "Hallmark holidays" like Boss's Day (today, coincidentally) have nothing on the trends that Millennials have created to celebrate milestones, particularly once these women become moms.
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