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What Will It Take To Engage Teens In 2011?
There's no doubt that teens will play a major role in whatever the Next Big Thing is in 2011, and digital environments are definitely a frontrunner.» 0 Comments
Future Of Email? Keep An Eye On Facebook
Savvy marketers should have social networks like Facebook as a key part of their marketing-communications mix -- and most all do, of course. But it does not stop with a Fan page. As marketers we must closely follow Facebook changes and adaptations to stay on top of the new communication trends to adapt our engagement relationship with Fans.» 0 Comments
The Internet Is Forever
Imagine an online world where Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo joined forces through a unified public service campaign to convey that cyber-bullying isn't tolerated within any of their communities, websites, games or applications.» 0 Comments
Profile Of A Teen Technology User
Technology is abundant, the Internet is cluttered, marketing is everywhere and consumers have more options than they'll ever need. The audiences that technology grew up with (Gen X, Boomers) are all but captive to brands. The audience that grew up with technology (teens, Millennials) are not wooed by glitz and glamour. They're used to technology, because it's always been there.» 0 Comments
Why Marketers Should Be Thankful For Teens
Yes, teens are fickle and sometimes hard to reach. But, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we should consider taking the time to thank them for their role in a creative renaissance happening today.» 0 Comments
Steve Jobs, Teen Idol?
Think about your own efforts to reach a teen audience. Do you tap into any of these entrepreneurial instincts?» 0 Comments
Make The Shopping Experience More Playful
Looking at a few recent trends and partnerships across the retail landscape, I've provided a look into a few key areas that will likely be capturing the attention and interest of young shoppers as we head into 2011.» 0 Comments
The Do's And Don'ts Of Loyalty Programs
In a chaotic marketplace, loyalty programs have the opportunity to stand out to young people, both from an awareness and action-based perspective.» 0 Comments
9 Myths You Thought Were True
Teens are a unique audience. They have their own needs and social drivers that are unique to their stage in life. Many marketers assume that, because teens are young, their needs are the same as Millennials and that they will interact with brands in the same way.» 0 Comments
Dance, Teen Evolution
Teens are making their way through one of the most challenging parts of life. Their personalities and tastes -- just like dance -- are constantly evolving. And if we can avoid mistaking their tech knowledge for wisdom, we may just be able to entertain, engage, and motivate them as much as Judson has these past 10 years.» 0 Comments
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