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Lost Cities and Emails: A Journey of (Re)discovery
One of the joys of discovery is that it's recyclable. The most popular archeological destination in Mexico is one of the two previously noted works of man I became acquainted with on a visit to Mexico City. The other, somewhat more modest in scope, was a 2011 campaign honoring the 15th anniversary of Hotmail.» 0 Comments
The Russians Beat Us Into Space - And Look Where It Got Them
'The Naked Brand' finds that Venn intersection of logic and emotion and invites you to embrace the possibilities. To see it is to want to race to work the next day. It's just plain inspiring. Goddamn it.» 3 Comments
Benjamin Franklin Wants You To Read This
As counterintuitive as this may sound, but a fact long since enshrined in the literature of psychology, is that human beings will identify with those they have been called upon to assist. This is called The Ben Franklin Effect, named after the inventor/ publisher/diplomat/lothario/C-note star who first described it.» 5 Comments
The Throne Behind The Power
KOHLER, Wisc. - The answer was all around them. Five panelists sat onstage considering the problem: "Proving Social ROI to the CFO." The occasion was the MediaPost Brand Marketing Summit. The venue was The American Club, a resort where the WASPy tradition infuses every cubic inch of the sprawling campus, like the fireplace smoke that clings to the leather chairs in the hoary library. Compared to this place, the Ritz-Carlton is a kibbutz.» 4 Comments