Results for March 2002

Just an Online Minute... Executives At Work And Play
Results of a new Doremus Advertising study released today show that it may be easier to reach C-level executives (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.) by advertising on a sports television program, an oldies radio station or "The West Wing" than through traditional business media. More importantly, Doremus found that Internet advertising is not for every executive - there are still some who cannot deal with new technology. Those that do may be using it for sports, travel plans and investing.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Prying Less
Even though their own website looks like they haven’t done anything since October of last year, the Federal Trade Commission has been hard at work on online privacy initiatives. Today, for example, they released the results of a December 2001 study, commissioned by the Progress & Freedom Foundation, which says that websites are collecting less personal information from Internet users than before.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... R&F Online
Just last week, MediaPost’s newest columnist Tim McHale wrote about the necessity of applying the traditional media concepts of Reach and Frequency to online advertising. Today in New York, the ARF Online Reach and Frequency Committee held a meeting about that very issue and attempted to answer a question that has plagued the industry for the last 7 years.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Online Oscar Stats
Not surprisingly, today all talk is about last night’s Oscarfest. What is surprising, however, is that even though it was the longest academy awards telecast in history, clocking in at the record-breaking 4 hours and 23 minutes, ratings are actually up from last year. What about online adctivity?» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Movie Trailers Online
The countdown to the Oscars is on, which makes it a good time to talk about movie advertising and where the Internet fits into the picture. Interestingly enough, the web seems to be a great vehicle for attracting visitors to movie trailers.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Why iSweeps???
Call me a crank, but I simply can’t resist this one any longer. In their race to appear better than Jupiter Media Metrix after the breakup, Nielsen//NetRatings has made a really obtuse move.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Who Knew?
First, a warning: I’ve been rather calm about things lately, but today I just can’t resist a rant, so here it goes. The question of the day is, “Why do some researchers feel the need to pass off well-known facts as brand new findings?”» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Reaching Business Leaders
Do online ads reach business leaders effectively? Yes, they most certainly do. At least according to the latest survey of 286 C-level executives, all registered users of The survey confirms that they use the Web frequently and actually pay attention to the ads.» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... Measurable Results
The majority of U.S.-based software marketing executives voted Internet marketing as the big winner in 2002 according to a nationwide survey jointly conducted by Smith & Suita and Marketing Innovations about “What Matters Most when Marketing in a Tough Economy.”» 0 Comments
Just an Online Minute... March Madness on the Web
It’s March Madness on the web. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, surfers flocked to the Internet from home during the week ending March 10, for the latest news and analysis of the men's NCAA basketball tournament. Various sports sites such as,, ESPN,, CNNsi and all posted gains in traffic.» 0 Comments
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