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Just An Online Minute... Yahoo!'s Facelift
It can't be attributed to botox or collagen injections, but Yahoo! has undergone a minor makeover. Just a few nips and tucks, or you could call them tweaks.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Digital Virgin
And, another company will enter the music download business. UK-based Virgin Group will launch, making more than one million tracks available for download for 99 cents each directly from its Virgin Digital Megastore.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... More Digital Downloads
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. In case you haven't heard, the world's biggest online auctioneer eBay plans to enter the online music market with PassAlong Networks. Music tracks will be sold on the eBay and the PassAlong Web sites. Consumers will be able to use eBay's PayPal service to pay for purchasing music on PassAlong.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Advertising Week Redux
Well, Advertising Week in New York City isn't quite finished, but we at MediaPost came to a finish line of sorts last night, as our jam-packed week of events culminated in a celebration of creative media at our first annual Creative Media Awards (CMAs).» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Online Ad Picture Bright
In case you needed more intelligence on just how improved the online ad revenue picture is, you ought to have collected it this week.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Industry Standard for Online Ad Revenues
Geoff Ramsey, the CEO of eMarketer, the aggregator of all sorts of data on the online universe, is calling for an industry standard to benchmark online ad revenues.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Trout Fishing at IAW
Day one of the Interactive Advertising World Conference and Expo and the event looks like it's off to a roaring start. I'm impressed with how many people are here; the Hudson Theater was overflowing with people and the upstairs balcony was full. People seem to be networking like crazy when they aren't listening to the panel discussions. The Interactive Advertising Bureau says it has at least 2,100 people registered for the exhibit hall and the conference at IAW. Hey, that's a lot of people!» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Chicken TV Dinner
Today Tyson Foods, the chicken and TV dinner people, announced a cross-promotional integrated marketing deal with Viacom. The deal, engineered by Tyson's media agency Havas' MPG, will focus on the theme of the company's ad campaign - "Powered by Tyson," created by MPG sibling Arnold Worldwide.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Upscale Travelers Book Their Own Way
We all know that consumers are booking most of their business and leisure travel online these days.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Packed Calendars, Take II
I don't think there's anyone out there in the advertising and marketing universe who hasn't been burning the midnight oil over the last few weeks.» 0 Comments
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