Thursday, December 8, 2016
by Chuck Martin, Staff Writer
Smartwatch pioneer Pebble is no more. After raising more than $30 million, the wearables maker has closed its door and some of its staff is heading over to wearables market leader Fitbit. It's not really that Fitbit bought Pebble. The reality is that Pebble shut down, has stopped making watches or any other devices and some of the Pebble staff, software and intellectual property were acquired by Fitbit. More

by Cory Treffiletti, Featured Contributor
The biggest topic of the coming year is artificial intelligence. Everyone from Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk to Tom Cruise and Kanye West is talking about A.I. All the large enterprise software companies are launching products to automate various processes with machine learning. This step in A.I. development as it relates to our industry, is about optimization and matching people to offers, or people to messages that are likely to resonate. It's not about replacing a role as much as it is about improving it -- a necessary and welcome evolution in the digital media landscape. More
by Laurie Sullivan, Staff Writer
Will the next phase of search reduce the stress of keeping track of too much information? A study released Wednesday from Pew Research looks at how people deal with the volume of information they track. More
by Sean Hargrave, Staff Writer
by Chase Martin
Connectivity within the Internet of Things just got a boost in speed and reliability with the official adoption of a new Bluetooth standard and it might mean more opportunity for advertisers. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) just accepted and adopted the previously proposed Bluetooth 5 capabilities into its Bluetooth specifications. Compared to the current Bluetooth capabilities in most smartphones and other devices like beacons, Bluetooth 5 is expected to provide quadruple the range, twice the speed and an 800% increase in data capacity that can be transmitted. Read the whole story »
by Tobi Elkin
Programmatic media and tech firm Xaxis announced the promotion of Nicolas Bidon as global president, succeeding Brian Gleason, who previously led the agency. Gleason recently joined GroupM's new [m]Platform as its global CEO. Read the whole story »
by Laurie Sullivan
Glassdoor published its Employees' Choice Awards highlighting the best places to work based on more than 2.1 million anonymous company reviews. Read the whole story »
Xaxis has confirmed that former European chief executive (CEO) Nicolas Bidon is now president of the GroupM adtech unit succeeding Brian Gleason in the top spot after the announcement of his own elevation to global CEO of [m]Platform. Nicolas Bidon is now president of Xaxis and leads its efforts globally. Read the whole story »

Costa has appointed former senior Cadbury marketer Sarah Barron as chief marketing officer, with immediate effect. Barron has worked with Costa on a consultancy basis for the last two years, having originally joined to spearhead the launch of the brand and develop business strategies in Asia-Pacific markets. Read the whole story »

Lidl's Christmas campaign has topped a list of Christmas ads most likely to make people buy. The study, conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, tested 19 of this year's "most talked-about ads" and scored each on 12 factors including persuasion, entertainment, involvement, "sets the trends" and "different from others." Each factor was measured out of a possible score of five. Read the whole story »

The TV advertising market has recovered from its post-Brexit slump, but media buyers expect a "deflationary" market in 2017 and some agencies are expected to push broadcasters hard in trading negotiations this month. TV sales sources said the market should be roughly flat in December and January, after a drop of about 6% in October and November, as advertisers' nerves have steadied. Read the whole story »

Kodak has entered the smartphone market this week with the 21-megapixel Ektra model. However, the launch does not symbolise a complete departure from the analogue world of the original Kodak moment, according to its VP of brand and creative, Danielle Atkins. The Android-powered Ektra is being marketed as a "camera first, phone second" device. Read the whole story »