Friday, June 24, 2016
by Sean Hargrave, Staff Writer
Brexit does not affect email marketers' need to be GDPR-compliant within two years, so get those re-permissioning strategies ready. More

by Thom Forbes, Featured Columnist
The major certainty about Great Britain's exit from the European Union is uncertainty - but that quality has known repercussions that are playing out this morning as the 52% to 48% vote to do so became clear: stock markets are plunging worldwide, the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985, British Prime Minister David Cameron will resign by October and business leaders are scrambling to formulate strategies that will protect their interests and reassure stakeholders that all will be just fine in the long term. More
by Maria Garrido
Fortunately for us judges, the first weekend of Cannes Lions saw the sun go into hiding and the rarity of rain fall on the Cote d'Azur. As a result, being confined to our bunker for ten hours a day pouring over the Media category submissions didn't seem so bad at first. Now however, it's not just the weather that's hotting up. I personally have already voted on around 500 entries across 30 Media categories and we're finally getting close to awarding those coveted golden Lions. In my first confession, I made some predictions about what ... More
by George Simpson, Featured Contributor
by Richard Whitman, Columnist
by Erik Sass, Staff Writer
by Larissa Faw
CANNES, FRANCE -- Thursday's vote by UK voters to leave the European Union has important implications for the advertising industry and was the hot-button issue for attendees at Cannes Friday. There are several likely outcomes from this referendum, said ad execs gathered here during the Lions Festival of Creativity. Read the whole story »
by Larissa Faw
"We want to deliver fresh campaigns that are more relevant to today's consumer," said Unilever's Aline Santos, EVP global marketing, Unilever, at a Thursday session in Cannes. Read the whole story »
by Sarah Mahoney
Amazon Fashion's European division asks a handful of Internet style icons to talk about the ugly things people have said to them about their clothes (and their bodies). Read the whole story »
Over half of the world's most popular online services have misconfigured servers that could place users at risk from spoof emails. According to Swedish cybersecurity firm Detectify, poor authentication processes and configuration settings in servers belonging to hundreds of major online domains could put users at risk of legitimate-looking phishing campaigns and fraudulent emails. Read the whole story »

Google searches for "pound sterling" have surged well beyond their highest ever as people attempt to work out what is happening to their currency. The value of a UK pound has been plunging in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the EU. As it fell in its most dramatic drop ever, people scrambled to find out information about the currency. Searches for "buy gold" are up 500%. Read the whole story »

Although editors faced the difficulty of keeping up with the momentous news that developed throughout their usual publishing times, some produced extra early morning editions in which they managed to report the central story. Both the "Daily Mail," a paper that called for Britain to leave the European Union, and the "Daily Mirror," a paper that urged voters to stay, used the same headline: "We're out." Read the whole story »

Unilever has pledged to stamp out female stereotypes in its ads, after finding that more progressive campaigns play better with their target audience. Speaking at Cannes Lions 2016, chief marketing officer Keith Weed unveiled internal Unilever research analysing 1,000 ads from different countries, and found that 50% contained stereotypical portrayals of women. Read the whole story »

The YouTube Brand Partner Program Certification will help agencies with features including the different tools and publishing frameworks available. It will be available in 22 languages. It will also help agencies understand the type of strategies they need to develop for video content. Read the whole story »