Friday, May 22, 2015
by Loren McDonald
A successful shopping experience isn't just one where you find exactly what you wanted. Dedicated shoppers know it's also serendipity, such as discovering a tasty gourmet ravioli on your way to pick up a 25-pack of paper towels. Sending the most relevant offers to customers is important. So is using email to introduce products to customers who might not find them any other way, or who think of your company and products only once a year at holidays. A family vacation in Greece got me thinking about email's essential role in discovery as well as sales and ... More

by Tom Goodwin
Mobile operators' threat to block online ads in Europe, reported last week, was startling. The assumption was that, jealous of the pie they'd been missing, operators would hold Google up for ransom. This could be the start of a new wave of advertising, one where ads are removed and new ones injected in place. More
by Laurie Sullivan
Supporting the growing number of searches for how-to videos, product reviews, and haul videos on YouTube, Google will add a Buy button to ads on its video site in the coming months, allowing retailers to send site visitors from their product channels to their retail Web sites to purchase products. The feature is similar to the one Google added to the shopping product on Google search. Read the whole story »
by Wendy Davis
Mozilla today is unveiling its "Suggested Tiles" ad platform, which allows marketers to serve targeted ads to Firefox users. "We want to show the world that it is possible to do relevant advertising and content recommendations while still respecting users' privacy and giving them control over their data," Mozilla Vice President of Content Services Darren Herman writes in a blog post announcing the new product. Read the whole story »
Users of the Daily Mail's news apps comprise 3 million, or barely 1 percent, of MailOnline's 226 million monthly unique browsers, but are responsible for 42% of the time that readers spend looking at the world's most popular English-language online newspaper. One-third of app users visit daily via a smartphone or a tablet. By contrast, fewer than one in ten of the monthly browsers click on to stories on the free Web site each day -- just over half via mobile devices and the remainder on desktop computers. Read the whole story »

Speaking at the J.P. Morgan global technology, media and telecom conference on Wednesday, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto confirmed he is now in charge of marketing. He said the decision was made to "elevate the importance of marketing" at board level and make it a "key component of everything we do" and that "marketing really needs to permeate product, it needs to permeate content and it needs to permeate media." Read the whole story »

The BBC claims to reach a record 308m people a week across the world after changing the way it counts its audience. The corporation now includes entertainment content, Facebook and YouTube views as well as BBC News usage in its estimate. Its public aim is to have a global reach of 500m people by 2022. On this day last year, a report commissioned by head of BBC News James Harding and written by Sir Howard Stringer suggested that the corporation was "punching well below its weight in the digital world." Read the whole story »

Diageo and Bartle Bogle Hegarty have ended their 15-year relationship, as the Baileys and Gordon's accounts move in-house. This comes five months after BBH lost the global account for Diageo's whisky brand Johnnie Walker to Anomaly. In a statement Diageo said the brand activity for Baileys and Gordon's will be handled in-house for the next 12 months and the work will not be put out to pitch. Read the whole story »

UK Trade & Investment, the government body, has appointed Engine to handle its creative advertising. Engine will lead the creative for UKTI and will also work on the "Great Britain" campaign, which promotes British interests abroad. The initiative is funded by several government bodies alongside UKTI, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Visit Britain, British Council and Number 10. Engine could also be asked to create work for these partners if required. The pitches took place two weeks ago. Read the whole story »

BBC radio has scraped an upturn in its overall weekly audience reach in the first quarter of 2015, while commercial radio suffered a decline during the same period. The latest Rajar audience listening figures for the three months to 5 April 2015 show a total of 34,872,000 people tuned into BBC radio, up slightly by 0.2 percent on the previous quarter. The rise sets the BBC slightly apart from commercial radio, which experienced a 1.3 percent dip in listening down to an audience of 33,916,000 over the last quarter. Read the whole story »