Friday, February 23, 2007
  • KFC Web Site Supports Family Meal Time

    KFC is turning the demise of the family dinner hour into a marketing theme with a campaign to Bring Back Dinner. The fast-food purveyor unveiled the Web site yesterday in support of the program. Central to the site are Mom points of view on dinner, grocery shopping and getting kids to the table. The Colonel's Email Club offers up to $180 in coupons in exchange for basic household demographic data. In something of a stretch, KFC has issued the "Good Grade Challenge," suggesting that adding meals at KFC to the menu will turn your kids into an A-student, or ... ...Read the whole story

  • Agency Loses Nike Director To Apple

    Rebecca Van Dyck, who had been global account director on the Nike business at Wieden+Kennedy, has taken a new position at Apple, where she is the new worldwide ad director. For the last four years, Van Dyck had global oversight for the agency's flagship business. A Wieden spokesperson said she left on good terms and that the Apple job was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. ...Read the whole story