Friday, May 25, 2007
  • Consumers Confused About Alternative Fuel Source Called E85

    [Research] A survey done exclusively for Marketing Daily finds that despite a marketing blitz by General Motors for its E85 vehicles, most people aren't aware that GM is the best-known automaker for offering vehicles that run on the corn-based fuel. In fact, 8% chose Toyota, which doesn't even advertise such a car. ...Read the whole story

  • No Pantywaists: Kohl's, Victoria's Secret In Battle Of Undies

    [Retail] Theoretically, there should be plenty of room for new lines and brands. American women spent $10.8 billion on lingerie in the 12-month period between April 2006 and March 2007, according to NPD Group. That represents a 10.6% increase, with bra sales gaining 11.6% and panties up 4.9%. But market leader Limited Brands is struggling. ...Read the whole story

  • GM Truck Ads Aim At Urban African-American Market

    [Automotive] The ads embody the spirit of parcour or "free running." Says the agency behind the effort, "We felt that free running is about doing things your own way, taking your own path. Our consumer was tired of being force-fed truck ads with mud and dirt. Our customer moves through an urban environment." ...Read the whole story

  • Everlast Punches Out Global Marketing Program, Tweaks Logo

    [Apparel] The company has been something of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. brand in boxing. Now, with a new brand icon, corporate colors, tagline in print, out-of-home, packaging and online, it is finally going for the 11th-round knockout. ...Read the whole story

  • MasterCard, Home Depot Team For $100K Sweepstakes

    [Strategy] The financial services and retail giants are again working together to drive spending with both. The promotion is supported with a fully integrated media platform, including print, online and radio. ...Read the whole story

  • Visa Tells Marketers: Turn Your Attention To Echo Boomers

    [Trend] Oh, the irony! While Baby Boomers generally have a negative attitude toward the Echo kids, the younger crowd sees wealth as a way to give back to family members. Visa says that as Baby Boomers' influence wanes, it's time to focus on "the even larger spending impact that Echo Boomers will have on our economy." ...Read the whole story