• Study: Global Market For Mobile Nav Units More Than Doubled

    [Electronics] The U.K. consultancy says that GPS-enabled convergence devices--cell phones and the like, which combine telecommunications with entertainment and other functions--are making a mark in the sector, with products like Nokia's GPS phone, N95, nearing the Top 5. Nokia's success will depend on its ability to crack the U.S. market by appealing both to pedestrians and drivers. ...Read the whole story

  • A-B Gets Marketing Rights To Nutraceutical Water Line

    [Beverages] "Adding the [lines] to our portfolio allows us to participate in the emerging nutraceutical beverage category," says the beer maker, "[and] provides innovative and highly profitable products for our wholesalers and retail customers, while expanding our business into high-growth beverages beyond beer." ...Read the whole story

  • Lowe's Lowers Outlook As Gloom Of Housing Market Deepens

    [Retail] "Consumers are making sure they keep their homes as functional as possible," says a senior consultant at TNS Retail Forward. "So they're still doing smaller spruce-up jobs. But they are very reluctant to undertake the major projects that they might have done in anticipation of selling." ...Read the whole story

  • Loyalty Cards Improve Patient Prescription Compliance

    [Pharmaceuticals] One opportunity is for pharmacists to get more involved with patient compliance. Of all health-care providers, pharmacists have more "touchpoints" with patients and potentially can have the largest impact on patients complying with their medication regimens. "For every one visit to the doctor, patients visit the pharmacist three or four times," Cegedim Dendrite says. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Plan Would Let National Brands Target Locals

    [Technology] The application also would enable companies that have traditionally relied on television advertising to repurpose their marketing tools for Internet-based delivery platforms. Companies familiar with Internet-based marketing could use the product to extend their traditional reach into television. ...Read the whole story

  • Massage Device Sales To Spike As Stress Wears Us Out

    [Research] Packaged Facts also says light and color therapy devices will lead the market in projected sales growth for personal therapy devices over the next four years. Aromatherapy and sound therapy devices will go up as aromatherapy devices converge with air fresheners, and sound machines combine with clock radio and alarm clocks. ...Read the whole story

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