• Subaru's Raft Of New Ads Targets Yet Ties Together Brand Image

    [Automotive] Todd Turner, president of Car Concepts, Los Angeles, says Subaru has stayed profitable in the U.S. market by avoiding a head-on collision with mass-market brands. "In a way they are the ultimate niche marketer," he says. "Each vehicle is designed and marketed to a specific group. Because they don't have the budget of, say, Toyota, they have to be a lot more creative in how they reach those consumers, and they have done a great job in doing that with advertising and sponsorship programs." ...Read the whole story

  • Heinz Is On A Roll ... And A Hot Dog ... And Some Fries ...

    [Food] With 1Q 08 sales up 9% and more than 200 new products and innovations in the pipeline, the company plans to spend the balance of $100 million it committed to spend in marketing in '07 and '08 in non-traditional media. CMO Andrew Towle tells Marketing Daily: "We have become especially good at determining targets." ...Read the whole story

  • Ann Taylor Plans To Cozy Up To Boomer Broads

    [Retail] With a new CMO on board, the company says it has what it takes to crack the code despite failed attempts by other retailers to cater to women over 40. One Boomer expert agrees. "It's a natural," says Carol Orsborn of Fleishman-Hillard's FH Boom, "because it's already a brand Boomer women trust." While women have drifted away from the brand, "these women like being directly marketed to, and they'll be inclined to give it a try." ...Read the whole story

  • Intel's Global Campaign Brings Focus Back To Processors

    [Technology] The U.S. campaign, which launched last week, primarily focuses on Intel Centrino processor technology but also supports Intel Core2 Duo processors outside the U.S. in select countries. While Intel ran ads last year directed toward tech-savvy consumers, the company says these ads aim at the mainstream audience. ...Read the whole story

  • Non-Traditional Financial Services Expected To Double By 2011

    [Financial Services] "Once you cantilever out, you become a totally free agent," says the author of a report on the "unbanked and underbanked." "You're not susceptible to the branding of not only a particular institution, but the entire category." These consumers find ways around the need for traditional banking services. Future growth areas? Prepaid debit cards and online Peer-2-Peer lending are two. ...Read the whole story

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