Monday, September 24, 2007
  • Chrysler Launches Campaign For Town & Country Minivan

    [Automotive] Brand Director David Rooney says the focus tends to be on Swivel 'n' Go (seating) because it's the most striking, visually. "It's the one most people react to instantly. Most vehicles are focused on the driver, but [a minivan] is not built around the driver. It's built around every passenger, and I think that's where you start, and you add features that you might not be able to package with a typical crossover." ...Read the whole story

  • Wrangler, Turning 60, Races From Nascar To Barneys

    [Retail] This week, the company will announce two limited-edition anniversary jean styles. Sold under the Wrangler47 brand name, they will be sold exclusively at Barneys New York. One model requires that the denim be dipped in an indigo bath six times to achieve the true-blue look the jeans had back in 1947, when they were still known as Blue Bell Coveralls. ...Read the whole story

  • College Student To Pizza Hut: Pls Snd Cpn 4 Med 2Tpg Pie

    [Technology] If a student sends a text message asking for a coupon from a company that doesn't subscribe to the service, WHAMtext replies with a discount offer from an advertiser in that same product category. So, for example, if Subway doesn't advertise, the technology might return a Quiznos or a Schlotzsky's coupon. This way, participating advertisers have a chance to target someone who is hungry for their type of products. ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

    [Cause] One advocacy group suggests consumers question the amount of money being donated to breast cancer compared to the amount being spent on marketing, the types of programs the money supports and what a company is doing to ensure its products are not contributing to the breast cancer epidemic. This year, the group is focusing its efforts on what it calls "pinkwashers"--companies that promote a pink-ribbon campaign but manufacture a product that may be contributing to the disease. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda Breaks Corporate Campaign, First With Network TV In Years

    [Automotive] Ads, targeting 25- to-29-year-olds, launch on network TV during season premieres of shows like "Brothers & Sisters," "Dancing With the Stars," "Cane" and "Chuck." Spots will also run on Major League Baseball playoffs, the World Series, nearly 30 cable networks and National Public Radio. Honda will also air the work during special features on cable, such as National Geographic channel's "Preserve Our Planet." ...Read the whole story

  • Estee Lauder Leverages Mustang Mania For Men's Fragrance

    [Beauty] A two-week-long national radio campaign announcing the sweepstakes is running on top 40 contemporary, news and sports stations and will be tagged with a local retailer in each market. The 30-second Mustang spots will air in all 50 states covering all 210 DMAs in the country. Consumers are invited to go to for a chance to win a VIP weekend during the Ford 400 Championship. ...Read the whole story

  • Gap Hires Designer Oldham To Run Old Navy

    For the many who have been wondering what Gap Inc. might do to shore up sales at its dismally performing Old Navy division, here's an intriguing solution: It has hired design star Todd Oldham as creative director, effective Oct. 1. Oldham, who will divide his time between the company's San Francisco headquarters and New York, will develop and implement the merchandise creative direction at Old Navy. He will also launch a line of merchandise under the Todd Oldham name to be sold exclusively at Old Navy.--Sarah Mahoney ...Read the whole story

  • Study Finds Record Levels Of Antimicrobial Launches

    Thanks to fears of SARS, avian flu and superbugs, this year has proven to be a record-breaker for the introduction of antimicrobial nonfood products, reports market researcher Mintel. In 2003, 200 such products were launched worldwide, compared with 1,610 in 2006--a 713% growth. "Already this year, we have seen over 1,700 anti-bacterial products launch globally as manufacturers continue to play on consumer fears about germs," the report says. Some 71% of American adults who do some or all of the household cleaning say they "prefer anti-bacterial and germ-killing cleaning products;" among consumers 18-24, that preference rises to 80%.--Sarah Mahoney ...Read the whole story

  • Affinitive Launches 'The World'
  • Baby Cribs Recalled, Mattel Tells China It's Sorry
  • Maybelline, Nexxus, St. Ives, Coty Back Hearst Inserts