Thursday, October 18, 2007
  • Mercedes Separates Star From Brand Name, Loses Dimension

    [Automotive] Separating the logo from the text may make sense given the universal recognition among consumers of the brand. "My first instinct was, why do they need to do it?" says Wes Brown, automotive guru at Iceology. "But then, it's a symbol everyone knows. For customers and non-customers alike, that silver-pointed star is arguably the strongest emotional connection, and if that is what pulls people in, if that's what they connect with, why not make it front and center?" ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers Generally Support New DMA Mailer Guidelines

    [Industry] "We're in an age where consumers have lots of control, and we need to be responsive to their preferences every step of the way," says Harte-Hanks Inc. spokesperson Chet Dalzell. "Marketers claim and seek to be customer-centric, and if that's the case, we need to walk the talk. Marketers do communicate with customers about preferences and respect these, but it's important to extend this to prospects--and demonstrate our complete commitment to consumer choice to the regulators." ...Read the whole story

  • Whirlpool Targets OxiClean Lovers With Launch

    [Retail] Billing it as "the next generation" in cleaning technology, Whirlpool's new Aspen Green Duet Steam washer is believed to be the first appliance manufactured with a specific laundry product in mind, says a Whirlpool spokesperson. "Whirlpool is a brand based on consumer insight, and in this case, consumers were very clear," she says. "They love OxiClean." ...Read the whole story

  • Direct Banking Market To Nearly Triple In Five Years

    [Financial Services] Financial institutions must enhance existing online account opening systems to take advantage of deposit acquisition, customer retention opportunities, and huge cost savings that will materialize through the exponential growth in online account opening, a new report from Javelin says. ...Read the whole story

  • With New Agency, Orkin Bids Ned, The Orkin Man Adieu

    [Service] CMO Kevin Smith says that the creative evolution will be toward a message that appeals to younger consumers concerned about issues like diseases and environmental responsibility. "I think it's a combination of looking toward a new generation and reinforcing the brand. What was important then is different today; so our message needs to move." ...Read the whole story

  • Staff Is The Key To Department Store Customer Satisfaction

    [Retail] Michael De Vere, executive director of emerging industries at JD Power, says courtesy and friendliness account for 31% of the consultancy's measure of consumer satisfaction in upscale stores, with availability of sales staff and speed comprising 19%. "While it always comes back to merchandise, sales staff is key," he says. ...Read the whole story

  • Toyota Responds To 'Consumer Reports' Downgrade

    Toyota countered the tsunami of press around Consumer Reports' notice that it will eye Toyota more critically after downgrading its ranking of several it its vehicles sold in the U.S. The Torrance, Calif.-based sales arm of the Japanese auto giant says its Toyota, Lexus, and Scion brands led the industry with the greatest number of models--17--ranked "Most Reliable" in this year's "Consumer Reports Reliability Survey." "With dozens of models from three dozen makes vying for a spot on the magazine's 'Most Reliable' list," the company says, "only 39 were chosen. Toyota, Lexus and Scion models accounted for 44 percent of ... ...Read the whole story

  • Canon, Islanders Ink Rink Link

    Canon U.S.A., Inc. has signed a three-year marketing and sponsorship agreement that renews its relationship with the Long Island-based National Hockey League team, the Islanders. As part of the new agreement, the Canon logo will be displayed for all Islander home games on exclusive signage behind the home and visiting teams' benches, and in the ice. The Canon brand will also be highlighted in the Islanders' game programs and in the team's annual yearbook. --Karl Greenberg ...Read the whole story

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