• Greenness Is Overtaking Muscle-Car Culture At Shows

    [Automotive] Automakers showed their verdancy at the L.A. Auto Show, one of the U.S. International shows that has tended, in past years, to focus on muscle-car culture. News of powerful vehicles with big engines and bigger gas tanks was overshadowed -- perhaps for the first time - by news of new powertrain programs and think tanks. ...Read the whole story

  • Humbug To The Internet: Teens Prefer To Shop The Mall

    [Retail] A new study finds that teens would rather go to the mall with friends to shop than buy things online. What they do use the Internet for is window shopping, relying on it more than any other source for figuring out what to do with all that allowance: 65% say they learn about "cool new products" on the Internet, compared to 62% from friends, 54% from TV ads and 48% from magazines. ...Read the whole story

  • Alltel 'Claymates' Four Sales Guys In Holiday Ad

    [Telecom] The ads target "switchers," the consumers who defect from carriers to sign-up with Alltel. "We want to give customers on eligible rate plans the ability to choose this phone, too, but we really want to target new customers," says a spokesperson. "The holidays give us a chance to do some different with the characters, which many have come to know and love." ...Read the whole story

  • Old Mutual Tries Something New In U.S. Campaign

    [Financial Services] "We have a very low-flying awareness in the U.S.," says the company's assistant VP/corporate communications. "The campaign is really about getting the Old Mutual name out there." The company chose the holiday weekend to launch the effort because it's a time when families -- particularly the company's Baby Boom target -- are together, centered on a television. ...Read the whole story

  • Baileys Irish Cream Launching Show With John Legend

    [Spirits] The show will feature concert performances, interviews and footage with the multiple Grammy Award winner and with other artists on his Homeschool Records label. The special debuts on the TV One cable network on Dec. 16. Baileys is also sponsoring Legend's tour, "Baileys Get Together Tour with John Legend and Friends." ...Read the whole story

  • Tag Heuer Pumps Up Holiday Campaign With Pros

    [Retail] "We already have one of the broadest and most innovative marketing strategies in the luxury watch world," says the marketing veep for Tag Heuer, North America. "The digital initiative adds the next layer and enables us to reach these consumers where they are spending an average of three hours a day--online." ...Read the whole story

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