Friday, November 23, 2007
  • Toyota Suggests You Buy A Lexus For Yourself

    [Automotive] "Luxury brands don't feel the pinch as much," says an industry consultant, "and they do typically run incentives and programs to capitalize on the fact that people buy such vehicles at year-end for spouses, for instance, but also for accounting reasons; a lot of luxury cars are business expenses." ...Read the whole story

  • Most Consumers Are In Anything But Festive Moods

    [Retail] Nearly 80% of those surveyed by agree that waiting in store lines is the worst thing about the holidays, 74% don't like dealing with crowds, and 66% can't stand to think about the parking. Women are more likely to confess to having Scrooge-like attitude problems. ...Read the whole story

  • Toshiba, CBS Launch 'Star Trek' Promotion

    [Electronics] The giveaway entitles consumers who buy any Toshiba HD DVD player and the "Star Trek: The Original Series: First Season" HD DVD/DVD Combo boxed set a free limited-edition "Star Trek" Phaser remote by mail. The remote works with any Toshiba HD DVD player. It features special sounds and light effects from the TV series. ...Read the whole story

  • Zagat Survey Finds Flyers Would Rather Take FedEx

    [Research] The survey of 7,498 frequent flyers revealed--no stunning surprise here--that travelers are not ecstatic about flying. One clear trend among domestic carriers--a trend one sees mirrored in other market segments--is that smaller startups with new fleets and a clear point of differentiation seem to please customers. ...Read the whole story

  • Greyhound Bus Campaign Targets Younger Crowd

    [Campaign] The effort is intended to showcase the bus company's three-year, $60 million improvement project for its terminals and buses. The makeover includes upgrading its 950 buses with new paint and more comfortable seats. The Dallas-based bus line also added plasma screen televisions, new signage and renovated bathrooms at 125 bus terminals across the country. ...Read the whole story

  • Entrepreneur Aims Doggy Java At Pet Pampering Consumers

    [Trends] "Most dog owners are unaware that many health problems associated with dogs are due to dehydration," Mari Justin says. Rather than market the product as a health supplement, however, Justin is positioning Doggy Java as a pet treat, which is a much larger category, and leads to a different consumer mindset. "People want to 'treat' their animals more than they want to give them vitamins." ...Read the whole story

  • Cadbury Rolls Out Third Dr Pepper Extension

    Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages is rolling out Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper, the third flavor extension in the brand's history. The new beverage combines the taste of Diet Dr Pepper with a sweet cherry dipped in luscious chocolate and Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper has zero calories and zero carbs. Dr Pepper's first brand extension, Cherry Vanilla, launched in 2004 was the company's most successful product introduction in more than a decade and was followed by the wildly popular Dr Pepper Berries and Cream, the company says. Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper will be available for a limited time.--Nina M. ... ...Read the whole story

  • Checks Feature M&M Characters

    Mars North America and Checks In The Mail have partnered to produce M&Ms-decorated; checks, featuring the M&Ms; characters: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange. Personalized labels and a leather checkbook cover also feature visuals of the chocolate characters. Customers can view and order M&Ms; Checks, personalized labels and leather checkbook covers at M. Lentini ...Read the whole story