• Marketers Ready To Address 45% Of Super Bowl Audience

    [Sports] Experts say there are two reasons behind the switch. The first is the writer's strike. "There is nothing else out there," says one. And even in a good year, the Super Bowl beats the stuffing out of the Oscars for reaching women. But also, there is a shift among the types of women watching the game. Baby Boomer women are a growth audience, with women 55-plus up 25% since 2003. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Less Reliant On TV, More Reliant On Inserts

    [Research] A decade's worth of research by Vertis Communications shows that marketers who think that an insert is just another part of their media mix--or a place to offer a coupon on a commodity product--may want to think twice about the importance of the medium. ...Read the whole story

  • Analysts Seek 'Aha!' Moment In Super Bowl Advertising

    [Research] The top vote-getter will receive the first annual Firebrand Water Cooler trophy, a tongue-in-cheek award to recognize the most talked-about commercials the day after the game. "To the ad industry, Monday after the game is the biggest day because that day everyone talks about the brands that ran commercials on Sunday," says Firebrand CMO Shari F. Leventhal. ...Read the whole story

  • Mintel: Taste For Imported Beer Strong, Growing

    [Beverages] The consultancy says the upgrade trend is being driven--as in other consumer packaged goods, appliance and auto market segments--by the expansion of higher-income households in the U.S. The firm notes that from 1999-2006, the number of households pulling in over $75,000 increased by 50%, or nearly 12 million. ...Read the whole story

  • O'Charley's Campaign Puts Its Brand On A Roll

    [Restaurants] The vice president/marketing says that, although the rolls are central images, each of the spots focuses on a particular promotion, and that there will be three TV spots initially, growing to six spots over the course of the campaign. "It's the most comprehensive campaign we have ever done." ...Read the whole story

  • Domino's Delivers An Experience

    So Monday afternoon my daughter asks if we can order a Domino's pizza so she and her sister can better study for their exams today ... ...More

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