• Schering-Plough To Continue DTC Marketing Of Vytorin

    [Pharma] "We are concerned the continued uproar undermines patient care," CEO Fred Hassan said. "Vytorin and Zetia continue to be valuable tools for cholesterol management. That is why we are committed to these treatments. And that is why we will continue to advocate their appropriate use." ...Read the whole story

  • High Gas Prices Have Consumers Looking At Motorcycles

    [Automotive] "The other category that has been benefiting from fuel prices has been dual-purpose bikes," says the Motorcycle Industry Council's Ty Van Hooydonk. That means motorcycles as happy on dirt as on roads. He says the reason is that, besides flexibility, dual-purpose bikes get 60 miles per gallon and better. And it is also a growing segment of the market, with new entrants like Honda's CRF 230L, and Yamaha's XT 250. ...Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Meets Duran Duran: Unilever Remakes '80s With Pussycat Doll

    [Packaged Goods] The new song, which debuted online earlier this month, is part of a broader campaign to encourage women to "unleash the spirit of Brazil onto their skin," the company says. While the campaign also includes national radio, TV and print support, the Web plays a major role. ...Read the whole story

  • Analysts Looking For More On Microsoft's Online Ad Biz

    [Technology] At today's earnings report, Microsoft may talk about the ad network in passing because it wants to point toward its ad network as cool and magical, says The Benchmark Co.'s Brent Williams--and at the same time highlight exciting similarities in case the Yahoo deal goes through. ...Read the whole story

  • GoldSpot: Interactive Ads Work Best On Mobile TV

    [Strategy] Even with content expanding rapidly on mobile devices, many questions remain about whether consumers will be receptive to advertising. A Silicon Valley company, which believes it has a solution to the retention challenge, is offering mobile TV programmers and service providers what it believes is a unique way to gauge that effectiveness. ...Read the whole story

  • Starbucks' New Brew Lacks Bite

    Get the consumers who weren't interested in the stronger varieties Starbucks is known for and have them come in and buy something closer to the ... ...More

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