Monday, October 20, 2008
  • Bank Of America Remains Flexible In Crisis

    "The acquisition of Countrywide is about long-term growth," said a bank brand officer. "After the acquisition we didn't advertise. We instead met with non-profits, and we used testimony to articulate the role we were committed to playing in the mortgage industry. We will be marketing heavily in months to come." ...Read the whole story

  • National City Makes Banking Personal

    "In almost every instance, our most fervent customers touted what our people did for them," says a bank rep. "Loyal customers wanted to make a difference, and we wanted to promote that." New stories will be updated every few weeks. ...Read the whole story

  • NRF Predicts Price-Obsessed Holidays

    "Retailers are going into this holiday season with their eyes wide open, knowing that savings and promotions will be the main incentive for shoppers," the trade group says. "No one is canceling Christmas because money is tight, but consumers will be sticking to their budgets and looking for good deals when deciding where to spend this holiday season." ...Read the whole story

  • Toys"R"Us Campaign Celebrates Kids, Adds New Tag

    Each commercial begins with the company's iconic song. Animation then takes viewers on a trip through a world of toys and fantastic value offerings, highlighting hot items, the largest selection of in-stock products and great deals parents can expect to find during a visit to a Toys"R"Us store. ...Read the whole story

  • Soon-To-Be Ex-P&G CMO Offers Five Lessons

    "If you have been inspired by these lessons, make a personal commitment to try to bring some of this to life in your organization. We have so much talent, we spend so much money," he said. "We can lift this to a higher level together if you take this back and make some personal commitments." ...Read the whole story

  • Mars' World Of Grains Reach Keeps Getting Bigger

    The cookie was introduced in the Boston and New York markets in the spring, and went national last month - when brand extensions also arrived with the introduction of crackers and clusters in New York. ...Read the whole story

  • HP CMO Shares Success Of Social Media Efforts

    "We made the conscious decision to give the brand to consumers to interact and engage with, and it was all made possible through digital channels, a very efficient way to engage consumers and drive incremental revenue." ...Read the whole story