• SunTrust Banks On New 'Solid' Positioning, Tagline

    The new line, "Live Solid. Bank Solid," is intended to reflect Americans' move away from conspicuous consumption to a more thoughtful approach to money and finances. The campaign launched on Sunday with television spots airing during regional breaks on NBC's "Sunday Night Football" coverage. ...Read the whole story

  • 2009 To Bring Causism, MFAs, Peri-Peri And Savory

    Toniq sees authenticity as a valuable asset. "It intersects several aspects of the culture--from the local-food movement to human craftsmanship and 'real guyness' and heritage brands," says the firm. Think Coca-Cola Designer Series, Burberry; Levi's/Damien Hirst; and Gillette. Mintel weighs in on flavors and scents. ...Read the whole story

  • Obstacles To Effective Multicultural Marketing Persist

    In short, while marketers recognize that multicultural consumers comprise two-thirds of the millennial population and that targeted marketing has become more critical than ever because globalization has lessened pressure for acculturation, the survey "suggests that marketers have yet to establish standardized best practices," says Frank Dudley, CMO of 'mkting'. ...Read the whole story

  • Mercedes Dangles 'Generation-Benz' In Front Of Gen Y

    Mercedes-Benz USA wants an invited group of Gen Y netizens to open up about the brand. So it is running a social networking marketing program called Generation-Benz, intended to bring younger consumers into the brand while giving Mercedes insights about the 20-somethings. ...Read the whole story

  • Lexus Backs Good-Deed Doer Web Program

    Lexus is running 15-second pre-roll video on the Web site before the "Good News" episodes. "The in-video branding will ensure Lexus does not lose presence on the videos that are viewed outside of the Good Web site, such as You Tube, MSN, or Yahoo," says Lexus' Steve Jett. The "Good News" content will also be on MySpace and as a podcast on iTunes. ...Read the whole story

5 Ways To Get Along With Finance

Marketing vs. finance: it's right up there with the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, Democrats vs. Republicans and Mac vs. PC. For years, the two ... ...More

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