• Gap Tests Banana Republic Spin-Off

    The move has its detractors. "Sure, accessories are appealing--they take up less space, the margins are higher, you can do more in the way of product differentiation," says a retail consultant. "But look at Coach, and there's--never been a better accessories chain. Even Coach is doing lousy in this economy. It's not that simple." ...Read the whole story

  • Drug-Free America Effort Goes Mobile

    The pro bono effort uses banner ads from two ongoing interactive efforts--the teen-oriented "Check Yourself" and the parent-aimed "Time to Talk"--reformatted to work on mobile platforms. Once at the mobile WAP sites, parents can sign up to receive their first "talk tip" via text message, and teens can use the Check Yourself site to examine their relationship with drugs and alcohol and share the site with friends via text messaging. ...Read the whole story

  • Subaru Backs ASPCA With Festivals

    Subaru will have colorfully wrapped, co-branded Subaru vehicles, local support, and additional events, in six communities. Additionally, all Subaru dealers in the U.S. will be able to partner with ASPCA-recommended local animal welfare organizations to host Subaru Adoption Days, which will take place at Subaru dealerships, an animal shelters, and local parks and malls. ...Read the whole story

  • Audi Takes Spin As Yankees Luxury Vehicle

    "The Yankees organization is and virtually always has been the model professional baseball franchise," says an Audi spokesperson. "This relationship helps to increase the Yankees' profile with high-end consumers, while it helps Audi elevate our brand awareness in the key New York market." ...Read the whole story

  • Purina Lets Pets Get In On The Viral Act

    In addition to its viral nature, the Beggin' Time application will be promoted through online banner ads on Purina Web sites. It will also be featured on the Web sites of CBS Radio stations, which will run examples of the video (think, perhaps, Barack Obama and a Portuguese Water Dog) in streams and pre-rolls, as well as in banner advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Weight Watchers Adds 13 New Products

    The new products will be supported by online and print ads, outreach to food bloggers and presence on WW's Facebook page, according to WW International licensed foods spokesperson Jenny Doppelt. The themes being used are variations on "sensible deliciousness" and "Stop Dieting, Start Living." ...Read the whole story

Something's Fishy

Visa's "Aquarium" ad, while well done, misses its mark by running on "Apprentice" and "American Idol." ...More

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