Thursday, March 18, 2010
  • Studios, Cablers Launch $30M Movies On Demand Effort

    A TV, print and online campaign under the theme "The Video Store Just Moved In" showcases the ease with which digital cable customers can view the movies via their set-top boxes. Television ads in the campaign show two video store clerks debating how to categorize the store's movies. ...Read the whole story

  • Bali Bras Enlists Supermodel For Campaign

    The "Back to Beautiful" collection launches with a national ad campaign featuring Christensen. The multifaceted advertising campaign, created by Kraft Works NYC, includes TV, print and online advertising, as well as Internet-based social networking. The tagline for the campaign is: "When you're wearing a great bra, U just know." Bali's overall tagline remains "Live beautifully." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Helps Burgerville Woo Young Adults

    For voters, there's no prize, just the fun of helping influence the "favorites" outcomes. For Burgerville, the promotion is not just fun and games, but another way to yield nuggets of insight into that target demographic, as well as build and engage its fan base. ...Read the whole story

  • Millward Brown: Strong Creative Drives Viral Success

    "It all boils down to strong creativity," Ann Green, senior vice president of marketing solutions for Millward Brown, tells Marketing Daily. "They're typically very enjoyable and engaging. It's important to create ideas that are going to pop in this environment. The scientific part comes down to how you measure it." ...Read the whole story

  • Survey: Americans To Up Easter Candy Ante

    For families that celebrate, food continues to be the major expense, with the average person spending $37.45, followed by clothing ($19.03), and flowers ($7.84). And the survey, based on responses from nearly 8,300 adults, indicates that people will be watching their budgets closely, with most Americans planning to shop at discount stores (64.8%). About 33.2% will shop at department stores. ...Read the whole story

  • At OMMA: Pepsi's Katz Dismisses 'Pop Culture'

    "With the decentralization of information, having a Britney Spears commercial isn't important anymore because you can get information on her 24/7," Andrew Katz told attendees at Wednesday's OMMA Global/San Francisco. Pepsi's "Refresh" project is "about impact of the social return on investment. The effectiveness and success of the campaign will confirm its success." ...Read the whole story

Who's Buying Baby Clothes?

Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who purchases infants' clothing in the past year: 1 Tulsa, Okla. 2 Oklahoma City, Okla. 3 Birmingham, Ala. 4 Raleigh/ Durham, N.C. 5 Los Angeles 6 Louisville, Ky. 7 ...More

  • How To Bee

    Online advertisers must connect with the worker bees while steering clear of the drones. ...More