Friday, April 30, 2010
  • ISC Ends Exclusivity At NASCAR Races

    ISC is letting all NASCAR automakers -- Toyota, Chrysler, GM and Ford -- market together at 8 of its 12 race venues. Automakers will share a "manufacturer's row" on the midway near entrance gates, with each getting an approximately 20,000-square-foot area to show its vehicles next to the others, auto-show style. They'll also have marketing opportunities at tracks. ...Read the whole story

  • Target, Wegman's Lead Greenpeace Fish Rankings

    Target, which made big news back in January when it announced that it would completely eliminate farm-raised salmon, "shot to the top of the rankings because it is admitting it has a problem, and that there is a connection between how we sell food and the health of our oceans," says Greenpeace's Casson Trenor. "It's clear that it is changing internal policies and standards on many things, and I expect to see more interesting things out of Target, soon." ...Read the whole story

  • Captain Morgan Lime Bite Hits TV

    The series of three, 15-second TV spots, all falling under a "Delicious Pours" theme, will be aired in "heavy rotation" during sports programming on ESPN, TBS and TNT, according to Diageo. Lime Bite, a silver, spiced, lime-flavored rum, will also have digital presence on Yahoo Sports, as a sponsor of its NBA playoffs programming. ...Read the whole story

  • Western Union Effort Urges Cash Gifts For Mom

    Themed "Return the love," the national effort includes partnerships with Grammy Award-winning recording artist Wyclef Jean, and "Queen of Latin Pop" Paulina Rubio. With Western Union as the sponsor, the musicians will give special performances and appearances at the Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards and a concert honoring military moms. ...Read the whole story

  • Sony Pushes Its Dash Without A Hint Of Flash

    "Sony hasn't had a strong marketing plan for years," John Biggs, editor-in-chief of the gadget blog, tells Marketing Daily. "They make amazing stuff and just push it out the door. ... Sony has an amazing but massive product line, and it's clear this isn't a priority. Priced at $199, the Dash is a flat-panel device that uses a wireless connection to display information from the Internet, from streaming movies to traffic reports to social networking updates. ...Read the whole story

  • Lipton Yellow Label Intros 'Inspiration' Theme

    The launch television spot features Lalo Schifrin, a composer, conductor and pianist who has created themes for numerous TV shows, including "Starsky and Hutch" and "Mission Impossible." The latter actually provides the premise for the commercial, which takes the form of a flash-back to 1966, showing Schifrin composing at a piano, evolving the score in his mind (complete with orchestra), and emerging -- after a break to sip Lipton Yellow Label -- with the classic "Mission Impossible" theme. ...Read the whole story

  • Déjà Vu: Suzuki Dangles Free Gas In Promo

    "Kizashi is a surprisingly good product for a key segment of the market, but they just need to get the word out and that's tough because they aren't spending on advertising," says an analyst, who adds that the gas pitch has a chance since "the group that they have appealed to in the past has been budget conscious and it may be an incentive to those folks suffering from the recession. I think incentives like free gas may be a meaningful perk." ...Read the whole story

Who Barbecues?

Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who barbecued in the last year: 1 Detroit 2 Minneapolis/ St. Paul 3 Denver 4 St. Louis 5 Colorado Springs/ Pueblo, Colo. 6 Seattle/ Tacoma 7 Chicago 8 Portland, ...More

  • Focus On More Than Memories

    If properly positioned, the increasing ease and sharing of images can develop a new image for brands -- for those that focus on the right thing, that is. ...More