Tuesday, August 30, 2011
  • Ford's Futurist, Sheryl Connelly, Talks Trends

    "Instead of a person saying they love the roar of the engine and horsepower, today people are saying give me the most fuel-efficient engine that does the job, but what else can it do for me than just transport me from A to B?" ...Read the whole story

  • Best Buy, Sears, Target Lead In Cross-Channel

    "Two years ago, when we did this study, only a small percentage of retailers allowed customers to purchase an item online and return it instore," says Mark Fodor, CEO of CrossView, "and while it was 100% of companies this time, it illustrates how slow retailers can be in moving to deal with crosschannel capabilities." ...Read the whole story

  • SiriusXM Tries To Lure Back Listeners

    In a mailing that went out late last week, the New York-based satellite radio company is offering two free weeks (Aug. 30 - Sept. 12) of access to 60 channels. The promotion, with the theme: "Bringing Your Radio Back To Life," includes a laminated card featuring the free stations. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Lottery Winners Would Continue To Clip

    "Overwhelmingly, 96% of the more than 23,300 respondents said that they would still use coupons if they struck it big in the lottery," said Redplum. "This reflects the value-oriented mindset that took root at the onset of the recession. ...Read the whole story

  • Tecate Gets Double Mileage From September

    The good news for fans and for Tecate is that the sponsorship involves both fights under Golden Boy Promotion's' "Star Power" event on HBO Pay-Per-View, meaning fans at the two arenas will see both fights, as will those who watch it on PPV and at movie theaters around the country. And they will also see Tecate branding. ...Read the whole story

  • NASCAR Pushes College Marketing Efforts

    NASCAR is going on campus to recruit a new generation of potentially up-market fans. The racing circuit will look to a pair of "brand ambassadors" on 12 college campuses to host events and use other tactics in an attempt to encourage attendance at nearby tracks. ...Read the whole story