Wednesday, September 21, 2011
  • Killing the 'King' Looks Positive For Burger King

    The new, much less edgy and teen-oriented creative approach has been second-guessed by some in the industry. However, as Technomic President Ron Paul has pointed out, focusing on "fresh" has worked incredibly well for Whole Foods and Subway, and is also now the rallying cry for Target, 7-Eleven and a growing number of other brands. ...Read the whole story

  • Van Heusen, GQ, ESPN Ask Men To Step Up Their Style

    In the hopes that it can encourage American men to pull up their pants and ditch their XXL t-shirts, Van Heusen is introducing an "Institute of Style." A partnership with GQ and ESPN, the effort hopes to challenge men to step up their style game, and even share their transformation in a "From Schlub to Swagger" contest on the campaign's website. ...Read the whole story

  • Zipcar Taps Levy For Humorous Take On Urban Life

    Car share company Zipcar has tapped comedian Dan Levy for a video series central to a social media push to promote the Boston-based service as an automotive solution to the frenetic urban life. The effort, "One Crazy Day," is a Facebook-based program where consumers give Levy a series of tasks that have to be completed in one day via Zipcar. ...Read the whole story

  • Customer Satisfaction With Computers Is Unchanged

    "A leveling out is obviously not a change," Forrest Morgeson, ACSI's director of research, tells Marketing Daily. "Obviously for all customers and the industry, you'd like to see it increase, but [staying still] is not necessarily a bad thing." ...Read the whole story

  • WKSU Folk Festival Campaign: It's Not Your Grandfather's Folk

    The key to getting college students interested in music that falls, broadly, under the banner of "folk" probably isn't that different than trying to get them into cars called Cadillac. Except instead of a "butts in seats" strategy, it's about "buds in ears." ...Read the whole story

Five Steps To Reputation Management

Remember when your grade school principal used to threaten you with the idea that your transgressions would go on your "permanent record?" ...More