Wednesday, September 28, 2011
  • J&J VP At OMMA: Brands Must Still Think Like People

    The media business may be getting more and more automated, with algorithms determining everything from media mix to creative, but Kim Kadlec, speaking at the OMMA Global conference on Tuesday morning, said that ultimately, some very human factors determine how successful a brand is or isn't -- even in digital realms. And a lot of that has to do with the lost art of decorum. ...Read the whole story

  • Halloween Happenings At 10-Year High

    Seven in 10 Americans, or 69.6%, will celebrate, up from 63.8% in last year's survey. Spending is also expected to rise, with the average person ponying up $72.31 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $66.28 last year. Those in the Northeast are most likely to observe the day, and those in the South the least. ...Read the whole story

  • Get'cher Free-Range, Organic Chicken Salad Sammy

    The new eateries at Madison Square Garden cleave -- at least thematically -- to the traditional idea of stadium food as one-hand friendly, with a focus on burgers, dogs and sandwiches, but they eschew the commoditized nature of such food, by redefining for haute cuisine things like burgers and dogs. ...Read the whole story

  • Deloitte: Holiday Shoppers May Defy Economy

    A new holiday spending forecast from Deloitte predicts a 2.5 to 3% gain this holiday season, with November through January retail sales expected to reach between $873 and $877 billion. Last year, sales grew 5.9%. ...Read the whole story

  • 7-Eleven Offers CofFREE Day, Facebook Game

    The promotion targets everyone who likes a "fresh, piping-hot cup of coffee," says Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven VP of marketing and guest experience. "It's an opportunity to feature our coffee as well as say 'thank you' to our customers," Smith tells Marketing Daily. "We'd like to build this program to become as almost as big as our Slurpee giveaway on 7-Eleven Day (July 11)." ...Read the whole story

  • Against IPhone 5, Android Must Emphasize Speed

    Now that it looks like the release of a new Apple iPhone is imminent (the company has invited the press to its headquarters next week to "talk iPhone," according to published reports), it may be time for the makers of Android phones to look for an angle to compete. One possible solution: speed. ...Read the whole story

Beefing Up The Brand At Wendy's

When brands find they are losing sales, share, and profits, there are three well-used approaches that usually get served up right away. ...More