Wednesday, April 25, 2012
  • 24 Hour Fitness Gears Up For London Games

    "Team 24 Hour Fitness" athletes will make appearances and be featured in a raft of digital and traditional marketing efforts leading up to and following the summer games. The company is also supporting 500 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. ...Read the whole story

  • Trop50 Extends Products -- And 'Girlfriends' Campaign

    PepsiCo continues to build on the impressive success of its half-the-calories juices brand, Trop50, with (more) new extensions and new "Girlfriends"-themed TV spots starring "30 Rock"'s Jane Krakowski. ...Read the whole story

  • Organic Heats Up, Breaks $30 Billion Mark

    America's passion for all things organic is re-gathering steam: The Organic Trade Association says that sales of organic products rose 9.5% in 2011 to $31.5 billion, crossing the $30 billion mark for the first time. ...Read the whole story

  • Few Know What They're Paying Google, Facebook

    It's official: Facebook and Google's privacy policies are more confusing than government and financial services documents. According to a survey released by branding firm Siegel + Gale, consumers -- after reviewing the privacy policies of both Google and Facebook -- could only correctly answer questions about the policy 36% of the time. ...Read the whole story

  • Merck Launches Fertility Website, Awareness Effort

    Merck and RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association remind couples that a "conversation with a specialist could be the start of something 'small.'" One in eight couples has difficulty in getting pregnant; this is meant to offer encouragement. ...Read the whole story

  • We Love Mom: Mother's Day Spending To Rise

    By far, the most common purchase is a greeting card, with 83% of the sample planning on buying one, followed by flowers, the choice of 66%, and some sort of pampering service, such as a spa day, a facial or a massage (58%). ...Read the whole story

  • Zippo Rocks Out With New Campaign

    The company has launched a musical event, sweepstakes, giveaway, social media and online marketing program with retail tie-in called "Zippo Encore." The effort aims to boost sales and increase Zippo's social media presence and product awareness. ...Read the whole story

U.S. Marketers: Direct Dollars To Brazil

Savvy multinationals have begun shifting their direct marketing dollars into Brazilian reals in order to tap into Brazilians' rapidly increasing discretionary income -- a result of a massive expansion of the country's middle class over the ...More