• Chevy Sonic Takes The Stick To College

    General Motors Chevrolet is touting the stick to collegiates for its Sonic car, a subcompact under the Cruze whose entire marketing has been pretty much digital, with only the occasional foray into "traditional" media. ...Read the whole story

  • Hendrick's Gin Takes An American Spin

    An experiential program comprises a year-long series of "Voyages Into the Unusual." The "voyages," which use Arcadian themes, include Hendrick's-inspired cocktails, and costumed J.R.R.Tolkien-esque characters intended to give a new spin to gin. ...Read the whole story

  • Nikon: 'Small Moments' Make Big Difference

    To kick off the effort, Nikon has enlisted Ashton Kutcher (along with other celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Derek Hough) to create photo galleries intended to give an inside look into the moments of joy and inspiration in these public figures' private lives. ...Read the whole story

  • Jack Daniels Revamps Site, Preps New Ad Campaign

    "... consumer habits have changed," Carmen D'Ascendis, director of global marketing for Jack Daniels, tells "Marketing Daily." "Just 11% of our site viewers were coming from mobile and tablets, and we wanted to address that." ...Read the whole story

  • GM Takes Stand At Upfront, Puts Brakes On Ad Pricing

    TV's upfront ad market is winding its way to a mostly predictable conclusion for the broadcasters, but one major car manufacturer -- General Motors -- continues to make a dramatic stand. It has directed Carat USA, its new media agency, to ask for big rollbacks and some double-digit decreases on pricing. ...Read the whole story

Brands With White Hats

In January, the world turned into their pearl-clutching grandmothers when NPR's This American Life ran a story about the conditions of a Chinese factory that ... ...More

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