Friday, November 9, 2012
  • Millennials: The Scoop On Food, Dining, Clothing

    Consumers 16 to 34 are indeed different than older consumers when it comes to dining out, dining in, grocery shopping and apparel shopping behaviors and preferences, confirms a new study from The Boston Consulting Group. ...Read the whole story

  • Forrester: Online Sellers Need More Than Best Prices

    Price is still the leading reason a shopper moves from one site to another, with 85% of consumers saying it's critical. But Forrester reports that lower shipping costs (61%), in-stock products (41%), coupons and promotions (34%) all play a role. ...Read the whole story

  • Axe Sponsors Comedy Tour

    Axw Hair has teamed up with young comedians to create the "Splitting Hairs" Comedy Tour in conjunction with Comedy Central. Kicking off at the New York Comedy Festival on Nov. 9, each "Splitting Hairs" live show will feature live and pre-taped segments and audience participation. ...Read the whole story

  • Barriers Need Fixing Before EV's Take Off

    J.D. Power and Associates' study, which looks at EV shopping, consideration and ownership experience, finds that nearly half of current EV owners say they are still mostly driven by a need to be green. Not so for the next generation of owners, those shopping now. ...Read the whole story

  • Ad:Tech: MillerCoors, Land Rover Drive Mobile

    "Mobile's true power is the ability to capitalize on location and in-the-moment. But you have to protect your turf; you know when they are in your store, and you can offer consumers loyalty programs. You should be able to dynamically serve them ads when they are cross-shopping." ...Read the whole story

007 Slums With Heineken

As I figured and hoped, Heineken's $45 million product placement deal with the new James Bond franchise entry "Skyfall" doesn't undermine the 007 brand at all. ...More

  • Facebook's Newest Ad Offering

    Improving advertising performance on Facebook has long been an issue for advertisers. Facebook Custom Audience helps brands to deepen engagement with their audience as they spend time on social networks. You can reach your audience where ...More