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Will BP Spill Spawn Innovation, Or Just Logo Spoofs?
There is clearly a need for a radical transformation if the oil giant is to survive. There is consumer demand for clean energy. Harness enough brains, and we may have a shot at filling an innovation pipeline with ideas that could transform the economy.» 0 Comments
Since it is priced at pennies per click, it's hard to see why even the smallest consultancies would not buy even $50 per month of this paid advertising. Compared to the hours of copy optimization (or investment in SEO "gurus") required to get top ranking amongst 2.5 million competing pages, there is no question that this is money better spent.» 0 Comments
Expand Oil Capacity With Awareness
As our country tries to clean up the mess in the gulf, let's remember that we don't need expensive clean technologies to begin moving off oil -- we can start right now by convincing consumers and businesses that it is in their power, and interest, to do so today.» 0 Comments
Is It Enough To Be Green? What About Being Good?
Working with companies that are socially responsible -- and have the proof to back it up -- excites us. The more we find out about their efforts, the more inspired we are to promote them and their cause.» 0 Comments
Path To B2B Starts By Emulating B2C
As more businesses start to market green products to other businesses, the successful will separate from the pack by remembering B2B fundamentals and heeding lessons learned from consumer marketers.» 0 Comments