• Merchants Of Doubt
    "Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the 'body of fact' that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy."
  • Retailers, Brands, Moms In Shift Toward Organic
    I can remember when I started scanning food labels for the word "organic." My daughter was about six months old and just beginning to try solid food. Like many moms, I wanted to be sure she was getting the safest, healthiest food possible, so I started buying organic yogurt and baby food. Looking for that organic label became a habit, and now that my kids are seven and ten years old, I still buy organic snacks and milk for them.
  • A Pox Upon Thee, Greenhouse Effect
    We have spoken at length in this column about the willful refusal of the human race to do something about problems that are either too big to grasp or too distant to worry about. They tend to become, in the words of Douglas Adams, SEPs: Somebody Else's Problems. In fact, in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, aliens use an SEP force field as a way to disguise the landing of a giant spaceship in the middle of a cricket match at Lord's (the world's most famous cricket stadium, for all non-Commonwealth readers - comparable to Fenway Park or Old ...
  • The Empowered Consumer
    Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the goods and services they buy. A 2013 study by GlobeScan, BBMG and SustainAbility, 86% of consumers said transparency about ingredients is extremely or very important. However, just a little over half (57%) said they regularly check the list of ingredients before purchasing products.
  • A Vaccine For Global Warming
    You may not immediately see the similarities between the recent measles outbreak in the U.S., and the ever-contentious hydra-headed problem of global warming. But on closer scrutiny, both come from what may seem like an insane refusal to accept facts and act in the best interests of everyone concerned. Of course, to those who militate against vaccinating their children and attack the idea of global warming as a human-induced phenomenon, their actions don't seem insane at all.
  • The Power Of The Pubescent
    When we talk about marketing green, we tend to focus on selling to mature consumers, that is, adults. In reality, the consumer of tomorrow, an increasingly important influencer of behavior, is the younger generation of tweens and teens.
  • We're All Sustainability Professionals
    As sustainability continues to go mainstream, the smartest companies are incorporating sustainability into their business model. It's profitable, mitigates risk, and fulfills an increasing consumer demand. It's spreading across functions with executives such as the chief financial officer and chief marketing officer actively thinking about how sustainability impacts their roles and business units.
  • Happy Green Year, Maybe
    I can't take my eyes off it. Colors swirl seductively like dancers in a sultan's seraglio, inviting me to follow them as they float around the continents, wisping dreamily through millions of acres of forest, thousands of miles of oceans, imposing mountains and crowded cities. This could be a kaleidoscopic LSD trip from the '60s, but it's not. Like so many beautiful things (poison dart frogs, Medusa, the word "carcinoma") this is a vision of death, specifically of the world coming to a dirty, smoking, ignominious end. But maybe it contains a tiny kernel of hope for us as well, ...
  • Hey, Marketers! Wake Up And Smell The Green
    There's good news and bad news for marketers in the latest report on sustainability and new business models from the Economist Intelligence Unit. In late 2013, the report surveyed 285 senior executives, mostly in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, on their approaches to corporate sustainability, their experiences in measuring and reporting sustainability outcomes, and their plans to explore new business models to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Marketing Red And Green
    This year, like the last several, consumers are focusing more on making ends meet than making the world greener ... except as it applies to their pockets. They are not less concerned about sustainability or greedier than in the past, it's just been tough few years.
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