Is A Sustainable App In Your Brand's Future?
With mobile technology being the current go-to information platform, many sustainable brands - from global icons to mid-size and entrepreneurial ventures - are developing apps as a means of turning their social good message into something more visible and interactive. Marilyn Simes, president of Digital Instincts, a digital marketing agency, provides an expert's perspective on what companies should know about their customers before creating a sustainable app.» 0 Comments
How To Sell Clean Energy And Green Products When They Cost Less
Marketing clean energy or any green product has always had to rely on overcoming the fact that the consumer would pay more.» 0 Comments
Using Storytelling To Change Consumer Behavior: Q&A With Unilever's Jonathan Atwood
At the 2013 Yale-Interbrand Sustainability Marketing Conference: The Power of True Stories, I connected with Unilever's Jonathan Atwood, VP for sustainable living and corporate communications, to discuss how one of the world's leading suppliers of food, home and personal care products uses storytelling to share its sustainability journey and change consumer behavior.» 0 Comments
Plug And Play
I'm feeling slightly more virtuous today. It's not because I got up early and worked out (though I did). It's not because I filed all my expense reports ( I have not). No, I am on the verge of making a move from the internal combustion engine to one more befitting the century we live in.» 2 Comments
3 Ways To Share Your Passion In 2014
If your organization supports sustainability and a commitment to earth-friendly practices, the start of a New Year is a good time to reignite your company's positioning and adherence to making the world a better place. The collective social consciousness is expanding as customers seek out products and services that are aligned with their desire to "do their bit" for the environment and be good corporate citizens. Content marketing is one of the best ways to let stakeholders know how your company or brand is doing to support "green." This includes an editorial approach that puts a priority on powerful content ...» 0 Comments
Why Does Eco-friendly Coffee Taste Better To Eco-friendly People?
It turns out "green washing" is also green tasting. According to a new study, people who self-identified as environmentalists preferred the taste of coffee labeled "eco-friendly" to the exact same coffee that didn't carry that label.» 0 Comments
'Tis The Season To Be Merry And Green
Nothing says the holidays like waking up to dozens of emails from retailers offering sales, discounts and other shopping appeals. As a consumer, it's easy to feel extremely overwhelmed at the array of shopping options. You may also feel powerless to the onslaught of pressure to buy, consume and spend.» 0 Comments
The Collaborative Economy: 2014 Hot Topic And Trend
Participating in a car co-op may not be up your alley, but there are plenty of Millennials eschewing ownership and Boomers that are downsizing who buy into the notion of "Collaborative Economy" - making co-owning cars a viable option for some.» 1 Comments
How To Engage Communities With Your Brand
If the perception of your brand's green efforts is falling short of reality, then it's time to stop and re-examine all aspects of the social impact of your outreach. Gone are the days when consumers would buy "green" for green's sake; they want to see for themselves how a brand is actually making a difference. And, it's in your best interest to inform and educate them.» 0 Comments
How To Get People To Reuse Their Hotel Towels
And what this means for greater changes in society.» 0 Comments
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