• Where Should Your Value Lie?
    Media agencies have always leveraged scale and buying clout to negotiate savings for clients. This is no longer good enough. Data and targeting capabilities have become more sophisticated, consumers are curating their own content ecosystem, and patients are more empowered.
  • The Phone Is Killing Your Sales Pipeline
    Imagine a new prospect calling your medical practice for the first time. If she gets right through to a friendly person who can answer her questions intelligently and put her on the schedule, she probably leaves the conversation with an appointment. If she gets a voicemail message asking her to leave a message, she most likely hangs up and calls another provider.
  • Embracing Nimble As A Core Marketing Strategy
    Nimble as cited by the Oxford Dictionary - quick and light in action; agile - or some of my favorite synonyms: quick, graceful, skillful, deft.
  • Marketers Can Help Bridge Gap For Parents, Patients, Caregivers
    Any change can be daunting. But for a pediatric patient with a rare disease who is faced with transitioning into adult care, it can be exponentially more intimidating. While parents have often painstakingly developed a support system over the years of managing their child's care, transition programs that guide young adult patients are scarce. In fact, according to the National Survey of Children with Special Healthcare Needs, more than 50% of the parents reported that no one ever spoke to them about the upcoming need for their child to switch to adult care.
  • The Backbone of a Social Brand: People and Their Stories

    Why social strategy must be people-powered
    In the age of amplification of social influence through digital channels, brands that remain rooted in the advertising age face an existential threat in the digital age. Social platforms are designed to connect people, not sell products. And brands that embrace people’s stories (not product testimonials) are the ones that successfully drive social engagement. Engaging customers through personal stories and insights from an audience is a way for a brand to behave more like a person—and interact on the basis of ideas and experiences. This mode of being social has the potential to ...

  • What's Your Story? Emotional Engagement For Better Health Outcomes
    Your story is the narrative of belief you tell yourself, and others. We are constantly creating stories about ourselves. It's so much a part of our lives that pharmaceutical companies tend to use them as their mission statements.
  • Look At The Output, Look For The Outcome
    This spring, the jury for the North American Health Effie Awards judged awards that made us laugh, evoked some tears, and a few that made us scratch our heads. Sitting among some of the best minds in health communications from across the industry, the conversation in the judging room was both educational and inspiring.
  • Selling Lifestyles Instead Of Products Through Content Marketing
    Every good marketer knows that the most successful brands don't sell products; they sell identities and values. For health and wellness products, those revolve closely around lifestyle. This is why Pfizer doesn't market Advil as the best way way to inhibit COX enzymes and block the production of prostaglandins. It knows that very few people know - or care - how ibuprofen works. Pfizer isn't even really selling pain relief; it's selling the lifestyle you can enjoy when you are free from pain.
  • Does Pharma Have A Problem With 'Ask Your Doctor ...'?
    Nearly every pharmaceutical TV ad ends with, "Ask your doctor about [drug brand] by name."
  • How To Not Miss The Data-point: Support Crucial Decisions With 3 Simple Steps
    Too often in healthcare marketing, analytical effort is wasted trying to generate insights that support nothing more than a great creative idea. Don't get me wrong, these insights can end up appearing useful, and can even result in a great-looking advertising campaign, but the true behavior-changing results never seem to appear as expected.
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