It's Time to Move from Engagement to Embedment in Digital
In health technology and marketing circles, engagement has been the name of the game. But people really don't want to engage - at least not in the ways we'd like them to. We can make it much easier for people to interact with what we build - on their terms - by focusing less on engagement and more on an "embedment" strategy.» 4 Comments
Segmentation Is The Key To Successful Sales, Profit And Growth

Over the past 30 years, life sciences and biotech organizations have developed a basic but predictable revenue model, which looks something like this:

more sales executives + more products + more messages = more revenue

While this model may have worked in the past, it is not the optimal path to profitable growth in the future. The ever-increasing need for efficiency and profitability is squeezing physicians and healthcare staff’s time, leaving them less time to spend with your sales team. These and other factors are leading to a dramatic decrease in sales ...» 0 Comments

FDA Helping Pharma Operationalize Social Media
Last year, I wrote in a Marketing:Health column, "The primary challenges for makers of prescription products with adopting social media are operational." I emphasized three sets of challenges: adverse event reporting, responsiveness, and FDA filing requirements.» 1 Comments
How Brands Can Get Hispanics And African Americans Invested In Healthcare
How do you entice people to buy something that they don't fully realize they need?» 1 Comments
Patient Engagement: It's More Than You May Think
Patient engagement is a very popular term right now. But what exactly is it?» 2 Comments
The Forewearable Future
Last month I offered up the idea of wearable health, focusing on technology, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, etc, as a driver of behavior modification. I envisioned a kind of turbo-charged health consciousness, led by devices you wear that (hopefully) keep you honest and accurate. But really all of the data suggest that wearable technology is barely in its infancy-the mad dash to launch looming on the horizon with a projected swift uptake. Kind of like phase 3 trials in the healthcare industry, with approval "coming soon."» 3 Comments
Wearables: Function Over Fashion
Thanks to buzz from places like CES 2014 and SXSWi, companies have a new quandary: what's our wearables strategy? The proliferation of wearable gadgets has unleashed a virtually infinite number of ideas, but the challenge is finding combinations that deliver a winning mix of Usability, Functionality and Benefits.» 3 Comments
Can We Celebrate Rather Than Doubt People Who Choose To Be Sick In Public?
As marketers, we often talk about the power of social media and online channels to boost brands, improve patient knowledge and more. Yet, while millions of people globally are sharing their stories and supporting each other online, there is still a lingering cultural bias against being sick in public. Marketers in health need to understand and be sensitive to the complexities associated with how patients are using social channels to share stories about illness. This essay is designed to provide readers with perspective (and original research) related to this issue.» 2 Comments
Public Relations Is A Powerful Tool To Educate, Engage Patients
As pharmaceutical and biotech companies compete for the hearts and minds of prospective patients, they are re-discovering public relations as a powerful way of doing so. PR, with its unique ability to educate and inform, is a highly effective tool to communicate complex and often challenging information.» 1 Comments
Health Is The New Wealth
The topic of health is like the hottest new restaurant: Everyone wants in. In the U.S., we are beginning to see a fundamental shift in consumer health as doctor visits continue to decrease, while self treatment is on the rise. In addition, everyone seems to be getting into the health and wellness game. You may ask yourself why this is happening? There are a few key trends that are making health en vogue.» 1 Comments
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