• 5 Things You Need To Know About Millennials And Health
    Youth may be wasted on the young, but when it comes to taking control of their health and well-being, Millennials are pretty much kicking older generations' saggy-old butts. That's because, unlike Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, Millennials have a decidedly different take on what wellness means to them and how they're living their best lives.
  • Get The Healthcare Bump
    Add a white-coat endorsement to your brand for greater sales and loyalty.
  • Is Your Brand Safety Up To Snuff? Stop Wasting Good Money On Bad Impressions
    It's the day before your new health and wellness campaign launch and the agency has assured you everything is on track to be successful. The programmatic partners have everything in place and have given the thumbs up to your brand-spankin' new digital creative - you know, the banners that expand into full-page takeovers showcasing amazing videos and slideshows.
  • How Can Big Pharma Use Chat Bots to Redefine Consumer Engagement?

    Chat bots are redefining how consumers engage with brands. However, before Big Pharma can begin leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, we have to change how industry marketers perceive them, transitioning from “chat bots” to conversational user interfaces (UIs) while learning how existing user experiences can be transformed using this innovative technology. 

    Both chat bots and conversational UIs are computer programs designed to mimic human conversation via text or auditory means. Chat bots, however, specifically utilize AI as a pillar, which can unpredictably alter a user’s path and experience. A conversational UI takes a more linear approach to natural conversation, ...

  • The Vortex Of Poverty: How Economic Status Impacts Healthcare Decisions And Healthcare Marketing Strategies
    There is perhaps no bigger contributing factor to one's health and life expectancy than poverty. Today, we are seeing the impact among those in lower socioeconomic groups in urban and rural areas.
  • Top Marketing Tips, Strategies To Attract More Patients
    As the medical system in this country continues to evolve and the politicians continue to debate about healthcare, it's important to know there are steps you can take right now to ensure a steady stream of new and returning patients.
  • Healthbots: Conversations That Drive Health
    Imagine a world where you have a voice interface with an AI-powered healthcare provider with perfect recall of your medical history and a better bedside manner than your own doctor. You can't, can you? The beauty of healthbots is multifold. First off, you get an on-demand response to your need for health information. Secondly, you can control the way the content is disseminated-in part by humanizing it to make it friendly. And thirdly, it's always a two-way conversation that builds a relationship, with the continual dialogue feeding the ability to be personalized as the bot gets to know you, its ...
  • The ABCs Of A/B Testing In Healthcare Marketing
    Medical research relies on tests with reproducible results, and the same maxim applies to healthcare marketing and education. Marketers need to understand what works, what doesn't, and the methods of delivery that resonate with patients. To that end, communications should be assessed using A/B testing.
  • Navigating Complexity: A Creative POV
    Show me a brilliantly creative healthcare ad and I'll show you a simple ad. Simplicity is the secret sauce to much of the advertising that creatives love, but more importantly, it's the secret to what usually works for patients, health care professionals and our clients.
  • What's Powerful Now? Changing Health Marketing!
    Asking "What's Powerful Now?" delivers value dynamically in the moment by harnessing the rapid pace of behavioral change in today's health journeys.
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