• Pharma Moves Into Digital Health
    The announcement that Novartis and Qualcomm Ventures have formed a joint venture to invest $100 million in digital health is significant and suggests that big pharma is transitioning from talk to action in the strategy to "move beyond the pill."
  • Why The Future Of Healthcare Will Be Smarter Than The Past
    Last night, I was at a graduate student class presentation at NYU on the future of media. The focus was on four scenarios around automation, surveillance, semantic web, and the rise of women as global catalysts. Thought-provoking as each scenario was, it got me thinking about the future of healthcare in exactly these terms - the role of automation from treatment decision support to robot-assisted surgery, the activation of remote tracking and monitoring of patient compliance and biometrics, peer-enabled learning and disease management for both physicians and patients, and the role of gender, race, and genetics in screening and treating ...
  • The Dawn Of The Apple Watch Health Apps
    Despite that most of the people who have ordered an Apple Watch haven't received it yet, history tells us that when Apple gets into a new area of activity, big things happen. No wonder tech fans and stock pickers have been so excited about the Apple Watch. What is the watch going to revolutionize?
  • Call Centers - Filling The Gaps In The Patient Care Continuum
    A report in Healthcare IT News, "Strategies to Maximize Patient Engagement and Retention," observed that the healthcare industry is evolving to a model where patients are approaching their healthcare as consumers. As a result, patients' expectations of an "exceptional care experience" are requiring that providers start engaging patients not only during office visits, but throughout the care continuum. To achieve this end, the single most important component is communication.
  • Can Digital Innovation Save Humanity?
    These days, marketers are doing a lot more than developing advertisements and public relations campaigns. They are actively developing, investing in and helping to shape all kinds of digital innovations, from mobile applications to wearables.
  • Finding Humanity At The Intersection Of Health And Technology
    Over the last few months, there's been increasing excitement around the innovations in health tech. You know health tech is at critical mass when it hits center stage at SXSW, and the Apple ResearchKit introduction promises to bring together personal healthcare data from a huge proportion of the population. With all the hubbub around the latest innovations, it's important to identify the human stories at the center of the technology, which supports why the technology isn't only inevitable, but necessary.
  • Keeping Things In Perspective: Stop Beating Up The Pharma Sales Rep
    Pharma is in the spotlight again, but not for the right reasons. In a recent post on the Denialism blog, Mark Hoofnagle discusses John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" report about the influence of sales reps in the pharma industry. So what's going on here?
  • From Mobile To Miniature: The Internet Of Nano-things Comes Of Age
    A year ago, everyone was talking about Fitbits. Now everyone seems to be wearing one. The pace of adoption for mobile-connected health devices is astounding.
  • Patients And Physicians On Using Technology And Sharing Information
    Technology is advancing how medicine is practiced, giving patients the chance to participate more fully in their healthcare. These new developments have the potential to elevate the provider-patient relationship, and are being welcomed, for the most part, by both groups.
  • Obamacare Is Only 5 Years Old, And It Has Changed Healthcare Forever
    Earlier this week, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released a must-read report focusing on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) on all sectors of the U.S. health industry.
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