• Valentine's Day Brings Channels Together
    Valentine's Day sales reached an all-time high of $19.7 billion in 2016; marketers need to focus on personalization, relevant deals and local targeting, says Valassis CMO Curtis Tingle.
  • Revenue-Driven Data Shift
    The path from data collection to revenue generation is costly; we discuss ways to improve efficiency and get to the insights.
  • The Affiliate Ecosystem -- And How to Attribute
    How do you attribute sales in an affiliate program? It's a no-brainer, according to Rakuten Marketing. Rakuten's Danny Kourianos tells why.
  • Ahead Of The Cross-Channel Curve
    Cross-channel marketers face many problems, starting with how to define widely used terms. CIMM's Jane Clarke summarizes the issues.
  • Marketing Twofer: Data and Devices
    Data may be the bedrock of today's marketing. But it also pays to know who's on the other end of a device. LiveRamp's Jeff Smith explains why.
  • Using AI And Machine Learning To Personalize Content
    We spoke with IRIS.TV's Rohan Castelino about its Its video personalization solution using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • Measuring The Immeasurable: How To Attribute TV Behavior
    Marketers, no matter how skilled they are at measuring digital, hit a roadblock with TV. CoversionLogic's Alison Latimer Lohse explains how to get around it.
  • What Should We Be Ready For In 2017?
    We asked cross-channel marketing execs across the spectrum what we should expect to see in the coming year.
  • New From the DMA: A Cross-Device RFI And Glossary
    A look at the DMA's sample RFI for use when buying cross-device identity technology. And insights from a DMA webinar.
  • Do You Like the Sound of 30,000% ROI?
    Matt Annerino, EVP Marketing of U.S. Concerts for Live Nation, talked about emphasizing email as a strategy to cross-channel success at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit last week.
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