• Los Angeles Hosts World Games; Will 2024 Olympics Follow?
    While the U.S. Olympic Committee, politicians, businesses and citizens debate whether or not Boston should represent the U.S. when the International Olympic Committee selects in 2017 the city that would host the 2024 Summer Games, Los Angeles is hosting an event that organizers are calling the "single biggest event in the city since the 1984 Olympic Games."
  • A Win For Female Soccer Athletes
    Watching the final few minutes of the Women's FIFA World Cup was an exciting time for both the game of soccer and for female athletes. With the FIFA scandal still in our memory banks, U.S. soccer fans needed the win that the women's team provided. In fact the whole women's tournament was a welcome event for all soccer fans, distracting us from the likes of Sepp Blatter.
  • My Own Derek Jeter, All-Star Moment
    It's totally presumptuous for me to compare myself to Derek Jeter. I've been fortunate enough to meet him and his family and to provide some research assistance for his Turn Two Foundation, but any comparison should stop there ... almost. Last fall, I also stepped off a baseball field in the Bronx, and took off the only uniform that I've worn in my adult life, for the final time, with a heavy heart, albeit with little fan fare.
  • Mid-year Review: Are Sports Meeting Your Objectives?
    As we reach the mid-year point for 2015, a year already chock-full of incredibly memorable sports marketing moments, we offer some insights into how well American brands are meeting their objectives through sport sponsorships.
  • ESports - Rated 'E' For Everyone
    The term "eSports" - like the terms "millennial," "live-tweet," or "binge-watch" before it - is one whose usage no longer requires a definition. This isn't another article that implies that you need to have eSports defined in layman's terms for you before you continue reading. This is the article that knows that you, like millions of other Americans, already know about eSports.
  • How Boston 2024 Was Done In By Old-Time Marketing
    Boston 2024 just released their revised plan in an attempt to win support among Massachusetts taxpayers and politicians. While the new plan will be more honest than the 1.0 version, it is likely too late. The odds of the IOC picking Boston to host the 2024 Olympics are slim to none. In fact, most in the know think that the USOC may dump Boston for L.A. to meet the September deadline to file an application for an American city to host the games.
  • The Value Of FIFA - Will It Hold?
    The sports world was rocked a couple weeks ago when the FIFA scandal broke out as the U.S. Department of Justice accused the international soccer governing organization of 47 counts of corruption charges, including racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering, and bribery. Much like valuing a person's right of publicity, a serious scandal can negatively impact a celebrity's brand value. FIFA's reputation has suffered a similar blow, also resulting in a reduction of the value of the FIFA brand's persona.
  • The Trickle-Down Effect In Sponsorship From FIFA
    So much has already been written about the recent and ongoing investigation into FIFA surrounding corruption and financial impropriety, and we have no plans or expertise to diagnose it further.
  • What I Learned At The Rodeo

    As one who has had the great fortune of visiting every MLB ballpark and my fair share of other sports venues, I was able to cross a new one off my bucket list the other weekend by attending my first rodeo, deep in the heart of Texas. 

    As a sports marketing researcher, one of the greatest aspects of my job is the opportunity that it affords me and my team to better understand the mindset and vantage point of consumers from myriad walks of life and interests. Further, I believe that as “social scientists” our perspectives are broadened ...

  • Jock Jams Vol. 2015: It's Like Coachella And The Super Bowl Had A Baby
    Flat out, there are too many options for entertainment in 2015. With commitments at work, to family, to friends, to hobbies, there's just too much stuff going on to stay up on all of the things all of the time. You've got to figure out how to prioritize your free time in a way that makes sense for you. For me, the priority is with live entertainment - and it always has been, really. Movies end up on DVD. Today's hot TV show will make it to Hulu or on Netflix. Gatsby will still be as great if you read ...
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