• Tennis Business, Tennis Channel On The Upswing
    In the midst of NFL, NBA and NHL seasons, a lot of marketers have plenty of reasons to look forward to tennis in 2016.
  • Rio 2016: Vying for Marketing Gold During the Olympic Games
    No other event inspires, entertains and unites hundreds of millions of people around the globe like the Olympic Games; this athletic competition sustains us for a two-week period when 88 countries come together to display athletic prowess in the name of personal achievement, patriotism and honor.
  • Gambling On Fantasy Sports
    We have read recent headlines that focus on DraftKings and FanDuel's legal troubles. The two prominent Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) companies have had to deal with the scandal about employees winning big on their sites, and they have had to face legal wrangling of whether they are actually gambling sites or promoting "games of skill."
  • The Ultimate Sports Marketing (Activation) Fantasy
    Before there was social media, reality television or sports video games, we had "The Amazin" Bill Mazer. Mazer, was a New York area sportscaster, who passed away just a couple of years ago. Growing up, one of the highlights of my weekend was watching Mazer's Sunday night sports broadcast and his regular "Sports Fantasy" segment.
  • Global Sporting Events: An Opportunity For Content And Subscription Providers
    Though not all major sporting events attract global audiences, there are many that highly resonate with different consumers across the globe. Events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games and even the ICC Cricket World Cup provide a unique opportunity to draw the attention of different cultures and audiences, giving content and subscription providers the chance to expand and grow, healthily, in emerging markets.
  • Short Sleeves, Crest Logos And The Soccerfication Of The NBA
    In 1992, if you had made a list of athletes best-suited to serve as global spokesmen for the game of basketball, you would've ended up with a list almost identical to the '92 Dream Team.
  • Marketers, Media Have A Basketball Jones For NBA
    A lot of people today will be talking about the 2015 World Series, which begins tonight on Fox. But if you have a Basketball Jones, you'll be talking NBA, which begins its 2015-16 season tonight with a doubleheader on TNT (Cleveland-Chicago, New Orleans-Golden State).
  • A Global Sport With Global Business Impact
    Soccer is a global phenomenon and it is the one sport that transcends national, cultural, religious, and gender boundaries; and socio-economic groups. More people watch soccer than any other sport in the world, over 3 billion followers, and the FIFA World Cup is the world's most widely viewed sports event - over one billion viewers for the 2014 tournament. And, soccer is also the sport played most consistently across the globe with over 265 million players participating in the game!
  • What Reebok's Sponsorship Of UFC Teaches Us About Perfect Timing
    When Reebok first announced its sponsorship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship last year, the alliance, to me, felt reminiscent of exclusivity deals the NBA, NFL, MLB, and other global sports leagues typically sign with established fitness companies.
  • Still Bullish On Daily Fantasy Sports
    One of the great hazards of writing this column several days in advance of its posting is that I don't have the omniscience that would enable me to know how developing sports marketing stories will evolve in our limited-attention span, citizen journalism-fed, instant-gratification news cycle. So as I put fingers to keypad to riff on why I'm still a big advocate of Daily Fantasy sites, the latest scandal du jour could move in any number of directions.
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