• The Sports Marketer's Guide To Monetizing And Protecting Athletic Imagery
    Nothing tells or sells the story of the blood, sweat and tears of athletes better than imagery - but the rules regarding displaying, distributing, and selling images of athletes can be confusing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering the use of athletic images for your organization.
  • Going Beyond Broadcast: Build Better Experiences For Connected Sports Fans
    With the explosion of connected devices, streaming services and social-media platforms, today's sports fans consume the games they love in more ways than ever. This combination of mobility and connectivity results in an experience beyond the big screen to an endless mesh of alley-oop Vines and non-stop social chatter and water-cooler analysis worthy of the Oakland A's front office. Fans are enjoying unprecedented immediacy, access and insight.
  • Brooklyn Nets, Brett Yormark Think Global, Act Local
    Brett Yormark, CEO for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets and the team's home venue, Barclays Center, is a man with a plan that he has been building for more than a decade.
  • Let The Madness Begin
    March, and this week in particular in the U.S., stands for many things green. St. Patrick's Day had marketers scrambling for clever tie-ins, millions of NCAA basketball brackets get completed for flashing green dollar signs, and the sights and sounds of baseball's spring training melts (hopefully) the last bit of lingering snow away.
  • Beyond The Field Of Play: A Celebrity Athlete's Rights Of Publicity
    Rights of Publicity (ROP) are defined as the inherent right of every human being to control the commercial use of his or her identity. And much like typical Hollywood celebrities, athletes can increase their personal brand value by capitalizing on their own celebrity status.
  • Don't Try To Turn An Aircraft Carrier On A Dime
    Amidst marketers' continued obsession over everything Millennial, I've seen a number of brands looking to find lightning in a bottle by attempting to recast themselves as hip, trendy or too cool for school. Alignment with athletes or properties that personify that desired positioning is often among the marketing mix elements that rise to the top of the list of those seeking this re-polishing of an old apple. While such efforts are far from new, it strikes me that there are more than a handful of instances where this approach is doomed to failure, and that's unfortunate because the mistake could ...
  • The Key To MLS Success? Striking A Balance
    Last year at this time, I wrote an article for MediaPost about Major League Soccer's significant growth. The focus was on how the league's increasing success in attracting world-class talent earlier in their careers and developing domestic players through the Homegrown program, has improved the quality of the players on the field each year, ultimately, driving up the league's rights value and popularity.
  • 'Selling Fun' To Sports Fans In The Digital Era
    The goals of successful major league sports franchises are simple: win games and win fans. Yet, over the last decade, the scoreboard-to-seat sale relationship has become significantly more complicated.
  • When Athletes Can't Join 'Em, They Try To Beat 'Em
    During Super Bowl XLIX, Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks showed his displeasure at answering questions from the media by repeating during his Media Day appearance, "I'm just here so I won't get fined" (which could have been as much as $500,000 by the NFL for not appearing) and then, at his next required press conference offering, "You all shove cameras and microphones down my throat. I ain't got nothing for you all ... You all will sit here doing the same thing. I'm here preparing for a game."
  • The Chase For ROI In Sports
    We can't fault you; we've all been trained to do it. In every business, large or small, we continue chasing it. When will we realize what we might be looking for, might not be there?
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