• Virtual Reality Is Becoming Our Own Reality
    Virtual reality is coming, but you already knew that. It's taking you on journeys to places once reserved for the imagination or the daredevils! That's the fun part. I see VR heading in a fun and practical direction. Thus far, virtual reality has been somewhat of a novelty-something brands with big budgets use to create a unique experience. It hasn't proliferated the mainstream in use and application yet, but that's all about to change. Why? Because it's not just about showing someone the experience; it's about getting him or her to feel it.
  • Silver Linings To Gray Clouds: The Pulse Of The Sports Fan In Early 2016
    For the past seven years, we've taken the opportunity to survey fan attitudes on sports trends, consumerism and the state of the economy in the opening weeks of the new year. Our Winter Sports omnibus (available with our compliments in the downloads section of our website) is an annual gut check on topical and other exogenous factors that can portend the year ahead for sports marketers. This year's study of over 2,400 blindly screened sports fans isn't without its share of shifts, trends and surprises. Here's what's caught our attention as we move beyond the Super Bowl.
  • A Month Without DVR's - Why Marketers Love February
    As sports marketers, we're lucky enough to operate inside an enviable bubble within the larger broadcast media landscape. In 2016, while cords are being cut all around us and every bit of media out there left to consume turns to a freemium, subscription, or on-demand model; cable sports are one of the last places that the good ol' model works. Simply put: we watch sports live or we don't watch them at all. Sponsors are willing to spend big bucks for the guarantee that their messages won't be glossed over at 4x speed.
  • With L.A. Rams, The NFL Gets Its Hollywood Ending
    The Will Smith film, "Concussion," was still in theaters, generating a great deal of awareness for a serious situation but not generating a lot of intake at the box office, when the NFL got the Hollywood ending it really wanted.
  • My Franchise Is Better Than Yours
    If I were to give you the opportunity to own one major league sports franchise, which one would you choose, the All-American Dallas Cowboys, the revered New York Yankees, or even that local team you bled the colors of from childhood into your adult years? I may be in the minority here, but I'd tell you none of them. Not because I wouldn't want one, but because the marketer and entrepreneur in me sees greater opportunity elsewhere - in eSports.
  • Moving BeyondTthe 'What' And The 'Why' In Sports Marketing Insights, Here's To The 'How'
    Taking some time to reflect over the holidays, I was pleased to consider how far the sports marketing world has progressed in its receptivity to analytics in assessing the efficacy of its efforts and in better understanding how to resonate with its stakeholders.
  • The Shape Of Sports Things (And Axl Rose) To Come In 2016
    Man, 2015 was wild. But, I don't have to tell you that - you were there! And 2016 is shaping up to be just as insane, in local and global sports and in the sports marketing industry. Here is a quick forecast of a few headlines that figure to impact our industry in 2016.
  • Sports Teams Need to Think Mobile First
    Much has been written about how and why marketers need to focus their efforts on younger generations. The ways millennials consume information and interact with brands is having a large influence on older generations too. Throughout recent history, new media habits generally start with the young and migrate to everyone else over time. In 2016, no self-respecting senior citizen will be without an iPhone or Facebook account so all marketers need to be thinking mobile first for their marketing outreach.
  • At UFC, It's Not All About Rousey, But She Sure Drives Awareness
    If Ronda Rousey was your introduction into the world of MMA, don't expect it to be your last.
  • Year-end Data: Top 10 Sports Sponsorships
    There are only 10 days left in 2015 and it feels like there really haven't been that many Top 10 lists out there, so here's a special "Marketing:Sports" version.
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