• Second Screen? No. Let's Talk Companions ...
    Anyone working in sports would say that they are fortunate to do so. We get access to unbelievable experiences, perks and often get the opportunity to meet childhood heroes. But one of the things I find most exciting is that we have the freedom and the opportunity to innovate and look at new ways of delivering content and experiences to fans.
  • 'Chevy Guy's 15 Minutes of Fame Should Teach Us Some 'Stuff' About Good Sports Marketing
    Quick quiz, sports marketers ... in the two weeks that have now elapsed since World Series game seven, do you remember Rikk Wilde, aka "Chevy Guy?"
  • Adapt Or Die
    In the business world, if you don't change faster than the pace of external change, your business will cease to exist. Or as Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Moneyball" put it, "Adapt or die."
  • Is Rugby The New Soccer For U.S. Fans, Marketers?
    On TV, "Orange is the New Black." In the U.S., rugby may be the new soccer.
  • Are Wearables Becoming The Not-So-Secret Weapon In Sports Performance?
    There's no denying that wearable technologies and fitness go hand in glove. From Fitbit to Jawbone Up24 to Garmin Connect, the wearables marketplace is super-saturated with devices that let users track, monitor, and share every step taken, heartbeat pulsed, and calorie consumed. Even Apple is getting in the fitness/wearables game, with the recent introduction of its Health app in iOS 8 and the much-anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch in spring 2015.
  • From The 'Me' Generation To The 'Pay Attention to Me' Generation
    Last month in this space, I spoke to a need for sports marketers to think about multi-generational approaches in their brand development and communications strategies. Noting that the sheer size of Boomers and Millennials have created an almost singular focus on these two generations, at vastly different life stages, I drew parallels across them, culled from some of our recent fan and consumer research. Subsequently, in framing remarks for a recent conference presentation, I've thought further about how, what on the surface appears to be dichotomous generational values, may actually be quite complementary. Let me illustrate.
  • How The NHL Is Finding Tough Love
    With the NFL in full swing and post-season baseball heating up, consider this your friendly reminder that the NHL season returns tomorrow. After suffering a lockout during the 2012-13 season, the league is getting back on solid footing, and setting its sights on growth. In honor of the 97th season of play, here are a few things that the second-oldest of the big four sports leagues is doing right to expand its reach.
  • The Best Damn Cross-Device Strategy. Period
    As we all know, there is severe consumer fragmentation going on right now across media. Audiences are viewing content on multiple devices, while demanding consistent experiences on each. In short, they want their content, and they want it on every possible medium-now. And nobody is driving this more than sports fans.
  • Can Partners Help NFL To Right Wrongs?
    There are nearly 1,700 players on the active rosters of the 32 NFL teams. Over the past few weeks, however, the majority of trending topics regarding the NFL focused on a few whose serious actions were, unfortunately, reflective of dire situations beyond football and sports.
  • Using Big Data To Get Ahead Of The Game-And To Win
    There's little doubt that we live in an era that's all about Big Data. Everything from businesses to politicians-even online dating sites-heavily rely on stats and number crunching to determine not only effectiveness and efficiency, but also to suss out whether or not something (or someone) is a winner. Perhaps no other business is as invested in winning and winners as professional sports, so it stands to reason that stats-obsessed sports franchises are increasingly using Big Data to get ahead of the game-and to win.
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