• Can Partners Help NFL To Right Wrongs?
    There are nearly 1,700 players on the active rosters of the 32 NFL teams. Over the past few weeks, however, the majority of trending topics regarding the NFL focused on a few whose serious actions were, unfortunately, reflective of dire situations beyond football and sports.
  • Using Big Data To Get Ahead Of The Game-And To Win
    There's little doubt that we live in an era that's all about Big Data. Everything from businesses to politicians-even online dating sites-heavily rely on stats and number crunching to determine not only effectiveness and efficiency, but also to suss out whether or not something (or someone) is a winner. Perhaps no other business is as invested in winning and winners as professional sports, so it stands to reason that stats-obsessed sports franchises are increasingly using Big Data to get ahead of the game-and to win.
  • Why Multi-Generational Marketing Could Be The Next Big Thing
    From a purely observational context, it strikes me that we're at an interesting cross-roads in generational marketing. So much of what our sports fan and participant research focused on during the first decade of this century was meeting the needs of a maturing Boomer generation that did not always follow the leads of prior generations reaching a similar life stage. Fast-forward to the present day and it seems that everyone is trying to unlock the secret sauce that resonates with Millennials. And on the surface level this makes sense.
  • The NFL And CBS Set to Take Over Thursdays
    The 2014 NFL season officially begins this week with a Thursday night broadcast on NBC - the Sunday Night Football network. However, after that on Thursday nights other networks will take over - first CBS and then the NFL Network. This has become one of the more interesting offseason moves, at least on the media-side, that is, the look of NFL Thursday night football this season.
  • How Hollywood Helped The Game Stand Tall
    When it comes to movies in the sports genre, there are films that have made an impact - "Field of Dreams," "Hoosiers," "Raging Bull," "Rocky," "Caddyshack" - and those that struck out almost from the first frame.
  • NFL Gets Tech Boosts From Microsoft
    During the Aug. 3 broadcast of the pre-season opener game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, players and coaching staff could be seen holding and using Microsoft Surface 2 tablets on the sidelines. But these players and coaches weren't merely futzing with tablets for fun or instagramming selfies during their downtime. Instead, the debut of Microsoft tablets in a real NFL game marked the kickoff of the reported $400 million, five-year partnership between the National Football League and Microsoft to help stadiums upgrade their on-field technologies and enhance fan experiences.
  • Properties And Brands Need To Know 'The Story'
    I've used this forum, in the past, to draw analogies between sports properties and exclusive and coveted communities that sponsors seek to become a part of. As one who runs a sports marketing research firm, my colleagues and I often play a key role in helping our property clients to better position that community as one that fits the marketing objectives for prospective partners. For the potential sponsors themselves, our work often centers around better understanding the behaviors, need states and interactions of consumers within those communities so as to guide brands towards better inserting their message into that space, ...
  • The Fantasy About Growing A Sport In The U.S.
    While football, at all levels, is too far entrenched in the culture of American sports for anyone to reasonably isolate individual causes for the NFL's astronomical growth, it's no secret that fantasy football has been instrumental in turning casual fans into avid ones - and moreover, avid fans into rabid ones.
  • College Bowl Naming Rights Grow One Bit(coin) At A Time
    Much like the Internet, cell phones and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the newer generation of college football fans would be hard pressed to remember a time when college football bowl games did not come with naming rights deals.
  • When Losing Is Winning
    Now that the 2014 Fdration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is all but a fading memory, worldwide soccer fans will have to wait another four years to get their next global ftbol fix when World Cup 2018 opens in St. Petersburg, Russia. While this year's World Cup host country may still be licking its wounds following a brutal loss in the semifinals to Germany, which ultimately beat out Argentina for this year's title, there's still much for Brazil to celebrate. In fact, many of this year's World Cup "losers" may turn out to be winners after all.
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