• A Brand Roadmap For Optimizing Relationships
    Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to address a gathering of marketers from the New York financial services community, about optimizing ROI through sports. While my remarks centered largely on best practices in assessing sponsorship impact, I prefaced those perspectives with a brief look at the potential rewards that can be derived from a well-planned and thought-out sports marketing partnership.
  • Brands Looking Outside The Lines For Endorsements
    If you are looking for the stars of tomorrow, the NFL and NBA draft are a good place to start. In addition to competing with the best in their respective sports, newcomers like Jadaveon Clowney and Jabari Parker will also be competing for endorsement dollars from major brands.
  • Brands Will Not Conquer World Cup Marketing By Relying on Network TV
    As excitement-frenzy in many places-starts to whip up as the soccer-loving world converges in Brazil in mid-June for the next World Cup tournament, brands are salivating as always at the branding and marketing opportunity that such a mega-sporting event affords.
  • Why Baseball Needs Storytelling For Long-term Success
    Baseball, America's favorite and somewhat declining pastime, is caught in an interesting paradox when it comes to the future. In terms of revenue, it is thriving - a record $8 billion in 2013 as new TV deals from national and local partners have proved lucrative. The league has also been an innovator in the digital realm using streaming video, social media engagement and the embrace of mobile apps, like "At The Ballpark" and "At Bat," as smart extensions to cater to fans in the new media environment while enhancing their experience at the ballpark and at home.
  • Topps, Upper Deck Rebuilding Their House Of Cards
    There was a time when kids would buy sports trading cards and play with them. Then came an era when trading cards were considered too sacrosanct to be handled and had to be put into vaults for future investment purposes.
  • Google Glass And The NBA: A Slam Dunk Or An Airball?
    It seems as if every day there is yet another news article touting the benefits of Google Glass in the workplace. As spin-control efforts go, this is a smart, calculated move on Google's part, considering that the novelty of smart glasses might have already started to wear off. While Google's Glass at Work initiative may ultimately unlock some interesting applications in certain vertical fields, particularly medicine and IT, the workplace that seems to be getting the most buzz lately when it comes to the implementation of Glass has been the NBA.
  • Hope Springs Eternal: Lessons From Opening Day
    I did something last week that I hadn't done in awhile. I attended opening day at an MLB ballpark, and I had a better time than I expected. Now, let me put the previous sentences in the proper context. I go to a lot of baseball games for both work and pleasure. In fact, I probably can't think of more than three things that I'd rather do than go to a baseball game...and it doesn't matter who's playing.
  • Brands Need Smarts And Luck During March Madness
    March Madness is an apt moniker for this flurry of competition we've been treated to the past few weeks. Fitting not only for the unpredictable action on the court and the passion that it inspires, but for the sponsors associated with the NCAA tournament, as well as the heaps of money this spectacle generates.
  • Men's Final Four Generates Big Games, Big Moments, Big Money
    Among the major sports events that cities clamor to host are the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the NCAA Div. I Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four.
  • Connected Stadiums: Getting Fans Off Their Couches And Back Into Arenas
    Like many sports fans these days, I find myself spending less time attending live sporting events and more time watching my favorite teams and athletes from the comfort of my own home (or my local watering hole). It's not for lack of interest (despite the findings of a recent report that indicated 9 out of 10 men in the United Kingdom fake their love of sports to impress friends and colleagues.) Keeping true fans in the stands for virtually all types of live sporting events has actually been getting harder to do over the last five years-and the decline in ...
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