• Have We Reached 'Peak' NFL?
    It's been an uncharacteristically rough couple years for the NFL. While the game's popularity has surged ever higher year over year since the very first Super Bowl - and investments from sponsors and broadcasters have surged accordingly, the last half decade has told a different story off the field. The 24-hour news cycle has been largely unkind to "The Shield."
  • Can Tiger, Topgolf Take Golf Out Of Rough Times?
    Although golf is a top driver among sponsors, consumers and fans, recent developments have put the game in the rough.
  • Buy Or Sell: Brands Connecting With Gamers
    It's no secret anymore-eSports has reached a level of legitimacy. Brands are rapidly seeking out any opportunity to sink their toes into the shiny eSports sand.
  • The Slippery Slope Of Athlete Activism
    The annals of sports marketing history are rife with brand crises brought about by spokesperson scandals and inappropriate conduct. Go back just a few weeks for the swift eradication of multiple brand relationships with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte for the latest in a long line of challenges. "Athletes gone bad" is certainly nothing new for sports marketers. Morals clauses have become standard practice for endorsement contracts.
  • ESports - Time To Unionize
    This past week, ESPN published Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg's remarks on Call of Duty's eSports efforts. He attributes much success to the pro players - "They give you the momentum of a story: a beginning, middle and end. Those narratives are what fuel an interest in sports. People love watching the best players in the world play the game they love."
  • 5 Things We Learned About Media From The Rio Olympics
    Let's take a look at what we can take away from the 2016 Rio games and what it tells us about the direction of sports marketing and media.
  • MiLB Marketing Thinks Outside Of The (Batter's) Box
    In a spring and summer filled with the Olympics, presidential conventions, Pokemon Go, Brett Favre's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, LeBron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA title and the return of Guns N' Roses, it takes some marketing moxie to stand out from the crowd.
  • Why Sports Teams Must Raise Their Game To Keep Fans On Side
    When a game is in full swing, no other brand can match a sports club for fan engagement. But as football legend Emmitt Smith wisely said, winning isn't about one moment; it's about every moment.
  • Why Can't I Get Excited About the Olympics?
    We are in the midst of what some bill as the greatest spectacle in all of sports. Sports and research are both my vocation and avocation. Why, then, don't I care about the Olympics?
  • Merging the First and Second Screens - Twitter and Live Streaming Sports
    You can't flip on a TV for more than 30 minutes without seeing some kind of Twitter integration, and it feels like practically every blog post these days has at least one Tweet embedded. On top of that, Twitter is the de facto social network for live commentary, giving it a sort of reciprocal relationship with live broadcast with no remuneration to Twitter.
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