• 'Why Are We Doing This?'
    If you are a marketing or sponsorship director at a company, you are most likely doing everything you can to avoid being asked the above question. You work your tail off to cover all the deal points and execute great partnerships with all kinds of sports properties, but deep down, you know you'll have to justify that spend.
  • NFL, Marketers, Fans Caught In The Draft
    Every day can't be your birthday, but for NFL fans, there are plenty of days in spring that provide gifts for the fall-winter 2015 campaign to come.
  • Female Sports Fans: A Home Run For Sports Brands
    If sports brands and teams want to win their licensing game, market to the female fan. And with the start of the baseball season, you can see the growing evidence that MLB teams are taking notice of the value a women's touch can bring.
  • Opportunities Abound in Sports-related Travel
    Last week, hundreds of thousands of Americans hit the road for three of the most iconic events on the sports calendar. Between the opening of the Major League Baseball season, the NCAA Basketball Final Fours and the Masters Tournament, the respective host cities reaped huge financial windfalls as local hoteliers enjoyed huge increases in occupancy and yield.
  • The Masters: Corporate Hospitality, Relationship Building, And The Value Of Just Being There
    In sports business, we always eye the future. What new tech will get more fans through the turnstiles? What's the next trend in mobile viewing? How can we use social media to better engage fans during broadcast? There's nothing in our industry that isn't ripe for change, except for one event - the Masters Tournament.
  • Mind The Madness: 5 Business Lessons From The NCAA Tournament
    I graduated from Syracuse University almost 35 years ago, and I still bleed Orange. With the university's self-imposed ban from the NCAA Tournament, that blood is boiling.
  • Reebok Wants You To Be More Human
    Reebok officially took the next step in their complete brand transformation in February 2014 with the redesign of their logo. The new mark is the delta symbol, used to signify change. Their press release states the delta logo was chosen to "represent the changes - physical, mental and social - that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life."
  • The Sports Marketer's Guide To Monetizing And Protecting Athletic Imagery
    Nothing tells or sells the story of the blood, sweat and tears of athletes better than imagery - but the rules regarding displaying, distributing, and selling images of athletes can be confusing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering the use of athletic images for your organization.
  • Going Beyond Broadcast: Build Better Experiences For Connected Sports Fans
    With the explosion of connected devices, streaming services and social-media platforms, today's sports fans consume the games they love in more ways than ever. This combination of mobility and connectivity results in an experience beyond the big screen to an endless mesh of alley-oop Vines and non-stop social chatter and water-cooler analysis worthy of the Oakland A's front office. Fans are enjoying unprecedented immediacy, access and insight.
  • Brooklyn Nets, Brett Yormark Think Global, Act Local
    Brett Yormark, CEO for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets and the team's home venue, Barclays Center, is a man with a plan that he has been building for more than a decade.
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