Breaking Through Amidst The Avalanche
While I've touched on this in my last couple of postings, I can't stop thinking about the transformative impact of cross-platform media activation on sports marketing.» 0 Comments
NHL Stadium Series: Big Win For Hockey
Some things in life are so assumed to be associated with each other that it's almost impossible to imagine them apart - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, peanut butter and jelly, Chicago and deep dish pizza, palm trees and hockey. Ok, maybe not so much on that last one. But, if the NHL has its way, and if the success of the most recent Stadium Series game is any indication, hockey - and even outdoor hockey - could become a southern California mainstay.» 0 Comments
Cutting Through The Super (Bowl) Clutter Of Sports Campaigns
Did someone say sports marketing traffic jam?» 0 Comments
What's The Super Bowl Without The Big-Time Ads? It's The Super Bowl As Viewed In Canada
If I'm being honest, I'd say that I'm as excited about Super Bowl XLVIII as the average Canadian. Which is to say, not much. While I'm a fan of American football, the experience of watching the Super Bowl simply isn't the same during the Canadian simulcast on CTV, namely because of the advertising - or lack thereof.» 0 Comments
What Sports Marketers Should Be Thinking About In '14
A year ago, fresh off of watching at least one series from each of the 35 college bowl games, I threw my hat into the fray with a list of predictions for the year ahead. This year, my bowl TV viewing streak was snapped, though I was able to compensate somewhat, by having the good fortune of attending a bowl game while on vacation. So, in the spirit of my own personal evolution, and amidst all of the prediction lists that you are surely reading, I'm going to modify last year's approach with a combination retrospective of how some of ...» 0 Comments
Can The Sochi Games Be Hospitable For Corporate Hospitality?
As we ring in the New Year for sports, one of the greatest events that is sure to make 2014 a special year is the upcoming Winter Olympics. Time is ticking before the opening ceremonies in Sochi, Russia, get underway. Even with all the concerns in the news, it's safe to say, Russia will pull out all of the stops for the hundreds of thousands of spectators, athletes, media members and brands making the lengthy trek to the lavish resort city for the latest installment of the Winter Olympics. In less than a month, the proposal that won Sochi the ...» 0 Comments
Tony Ponturo Has The Playbook On Super Bowl, Broadway
During his three decades as a top executive for Anheuser-Busch, Tony Ponturo helped to define, and then redefine, the way companies handle sports marketing and the way consumers view and relate to those marketing efforts.» 0 Comments
Avoiding Activation Attribution Mistakes
A subtle underpinning of my piece last month was the assertion that with such a proliferation of sports-related media and exposure opportunities, brands must be more adept at diffusing their messages across channels to maximize their reach and engagement.» 0 Comments
I Want My MLB
It is no secret Major League Baseball has what many are calling an "age problem." I call it a new-age problem. Its fan base isn't growing younger, despite the presence of more young superstars than at any time in its history. One needs to look no further than the 2013 World Series for evidence of the situation. The average 2013 World Series viewer was approximately 54 years old, according to a "Wall Street Journal" article.» 0 Comments
NHL, NBC, Marketers All In For Outdoor Stadium Series
In 2007, when the NHL was planning its first Winter Classic outdoor game, neither the league nor media partner NBC knew what to expect.» 0 Comments
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