• CrossFit's Secret Of Success: Crowd Culture
    The 2016 CrossFit Games Open competition just wrapped up another successful year. It is on to the regionals and then the finals for the elite competitors. However, that is not the whole story of the The Open. The real action is what happens at the affiliate level - the grassroots and how it embodies a new type of branding.
  • Pumping Up Bodybuilding With Marketing, Transparency
    If your vision of bodybuilding is Charles Atlas, Lee Haney and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Pumping Iron," Richard Jalichandra is here to tell you that you don't have the entire picture.
  • Sports Content For Young Fans: Why It's Important, And What Big Media Can Learn From Dude Perfect
    Many millions of adults today probably remember their first Little League game, or their first time tying on a pair of cleats, or participating in any other sort of sport. Today, various studies examining the participation of young fans between 6 and 17 in organized sports teams put the total number of young fans as low 21.5 million and as high as 28.7 million, and that number only continues to grow. This statistic does not even account for those who start before the age of six. Indeed, 60% of boys and 47% of girls are already on teams by their ...
  • Build It And They Will Come? A Cautionary Tale Of 3 Cities
    In today's era of citizen journalism and constant feedback loops on social media, it's easy to lose oneself in the constant chatter that passes judgment on every front office move. This has taken on multiple dimensions of late, where the aforementioned "front office moves" go beyond trade deadline and waiver wire transactions to leave promotional activations right in the cross-hairs of fan commentary.
  • A Primer On Rio: Global Event Strategy And Protecting Your Investment
    The Games of the XXXI Olympiad begin in Rio de Janeiro in slightly more than 157 days. I know this because there's a giant countdown clock positioned on Copacabana Beach that says exactly as much.
  • MLB's Turn At Bat Has Partners In Full Swing
    It's not even spring, but the Boys of Summer are making plans to activate for the 2016 season.
  • Virtual Reality Is Becoming Our Own Reality
    Virtual reality is coming, but you already knew that. It's taking you on journeys to places once reserved for the imagination or the daredevils! That's the fun part. I see VR heading in a fun and practical direction. Thus far, virtual reality has been somewhat of a novelty-something brands with big budgets use to create a unique experience. It hasn't proliferated the mainstream in use and application yet, but that's all about to change. Why? Because it's not just about showing someone the experience; it's about getting him or her to feel it.
  • Silver Linings To Gray Clouds: The Pulse Of The Sports Fan In Early 2016
    For the past seven years, we've taken the opportunity to survey fan attitudes on sports trends, consumerism and the state of the economy in the opening weeks of the new year. Our Winter Sports omnibus (available with our compliments in the downloads section of our website) is an annual gut check on topical and other exogenous factors that can portend the year ahead for sports marketers. This year's study of over 2,400 blindly screened sports fans isn't without its share of shifts, trends and surprises. Here's what's caught our attention as we move beyond the Super Bowl.
  • A Month Without DVR's - Why Marketers Love February
    As sports marketers, we're lucky enough to operate inside an enviable bubble within the larger broadcast media landscape. In 2016, while cords are being cut all around us and every bit of media out there left to consume turns to a freemium, subscription, or on-demand model; cable sports are one of the last places that the good ol' model works. Simply put: we watch sports live or we don't watch them at all. Sponsors are willing to spend big bucks for the guarantee that their messages won't be glossed over at 4x speed.
  • With L.A. Rams, The NFL Gets Its Hollywood Ending
    The Will Smith film, "Concussion," was still in theaters, generating a great deal of awareness for a serious situation but not generating a lot of intake at the box office, when the NFL got the Hollywood ending it really wanted.
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