• The Fantasy About Growing A Sport In The U.S.
    While football, at all levels, is too far entrenched in the culture of American sports for anyone to reasonably isolate individual causes for the NFL's astronomical growth, it's no secret that fantasy football has been instrumental in turning casual fans into avid ones - and moreover, avid fans into rabid ones.
  • College Bowl Naming Rights Grow One Bit(coin) At A Time
    Much like the Internet, cell phones and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the newer generation of college football fans would be hard pressed to remember a time when college football bowl games did not come with naming rights deals.
  • When Losing Is Winning
    Now that the 2014 Fdration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is all but a fading memory, worldwide soccer fans will have to wait another four years to get their next global ftbol fix when World Cup 2018 opens in St. Petersburg, Russia. While this year's World Cup host country may still be licking its wounds following a brutal loss in the semifinals to Germany, which ultimately beat out Argentina for this year's title, there's still much for Brazil to celebrate. In fact, many of this year's World Cup "losers" may turn out to be winners after all.
  • Slow Ticket Sales? Here's The Real Reason Why
    Growing and maintaining fan attendance and consumer participation in sports seems to always be on top of sports marketers' list of top concerns and priorities, and it should be. We live in an age where the proliferation of leisure time choices has grown exponentially.
  • A Hot Summer For The NBA And NHL
    In 1994, Sports Illustrated published an issue entitled "Why the NHL is Hot and the NBA is Not." The issue and its cover are one of the most memorable, because of how it accurately captured the momentum of two different sports. Last month, Sports Illustrated decided to bring the cover back, this time proclaiming that both the NHL and the NBA were "hot," and they certainly weren't wrong.
  • Delta, United Airlines Find How Twitter Can Be Bitter, Swift In Sports
    Delta Airlines has some 690,000 followers on its Twitter account, United Airlines has nearly 460,000, and it must have seemed that most of them were actively tweeting about the carriers in not-so-friendly terms over the past week.
  • Playing To Win: Connected Objects And Sports
    As digital trends go, wearable, connected objects and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) appear to be reaching maximum volume 11 on the hype scale these days. The promise of a world where everything is somehow tethered to the Internet-thus controllable via any and all connected devices-has a certain Utopian appeal, for sure, but the reality is somewhat more mixed. While some reports indicate a steady and rapid rise in IoT technologies over the next decade or so, that unabashed enthusiasm increasingly has been tempered by more skeptical points of view.
  • For Father's Day, I Want The Mass Media to Stop Bashing Golf
    Total upfront disclosure ... the golf industry has been an important component of my livelihood for nearly three decades, so forgive me if I get a little defensive about a sport that my firm and I have studied extensively and that I have enjoyed as a participant and fan for even longer than that.
  • The Next Step For U.S. Soccer
    When U.S. Men's National Soccer team manager Jrgen Klinsmann said he wanted to make an impact on the game in the States, I am not sure he meant to set off a PR tirade. The impact I am talking about was the surprising move of leaving Landon Donovan, arguably the most accomplished soccer player ever in United States history, off the final 2014 World Cup roster. The move was met with an explosion of controversy. Traditionally, debates about roster decisions in the U.S. are reserved for sports like football or basketball. It is unique and admittedly refreshing to hear fans ...
  • WNBA Scores Points In Diversity, Marketing
    While the NBA continues to make news as it decides the fate of an owner whose beliefs regarding race relations have alienated him from the business, sports, social and marketing worlds, the WNBA continues to align itself with these same communities for taking forward-thinking moves in the arenas of inclusion and diversity.
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