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My 2011 Wish List
The new year is almost upon us so it seems only fitting to take a moment and think about resolutions for next year. I suppose I can't really make resolutions for us all, but I will take this time to share a few wishes that I have for travel marketing in 2011.» 0 Comments
Resort Invites Women To Tweetup From Mexico
At a time when travel marketers and legacy media are debating the merits of bloggers as legitimate travel media, here's a leap to recognizing Twitterers -- and spending serious money on giving them a forum.» 0 Comments
Sometimes It Ain't Broke
Why do we throw so many good things away?» 0 Comments
Purposeful Premium
Garner your share of increased travel spend in 2011.» 0 Comments
Explore The World Of Blogging
For marketers, the vetting process has gotten more difficult because of the sheer number of travel bloggers. Blogging itself is in transition as many bloggers move to "microblogging" and social media. That will make the job of finding and developing relationships with productive bloggers even more complex.» 0 Comments
But How Can You Get Me New Customers: Part II
Fresh off moderating an OMMA AdNets panel on this very issue, I thought it would be a great time to catch up on where we are, as told by the best minds in the room, so to speak.» 0 Comments
Loyalty Programs Point To Unique Experiences
Brands look for ways to differentiate themselves in a sea of sameness.» 0 Comments
Effectiveness Of ECRM Depends On Execution
It's fourth quarter, we're all looking at the numbers we're supposed to hit by year-end, and we're putting all hands on deck to figure out how to achieve them. Based on the number of email offers I've received in the last week, it's clear that a lot of travel marketers are turning to eCRM as a way to help bolster results.» 0 Comments
Airlines: Fix Your Sites; They're Your Brand
Make it work, make it easy, and perhaps even put something in it for me that I can't get elsewhere: a special deal, an upgrade, or some point bump for going through your website.» 0 Comments
The Media Within
Maximize the opportunities at every touch point.» 0 Comments
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