Results for September 2011

Newfangled Fams Inspire Media Relations Makeovers
The recipe for press trips, a longtime staple of tourism marketing, has been pretty cookie-cutter over the years. Invite freelance travel writers to visit, herd them into a van and drive them around to attractions from dawn to dust. But as more and more bloggers join the fray, progressive destinations are evolving media familiarization trips to be more interactive -- and generating outstanding results along the way.» 0 Comments
Empowering The Modern Traveler
Last year, Americans took 1.9 billion trips for leisure and business purposes, generating more than $758 billion in direct expenditures. This number was expected to increase this year as more families ditched the "staycation" and took to the roads (and skies).» 0 Comments
Time To Start Considering Your Google+ Strategy
It's overwhelming for the average hotel manager, even the most tech savvy, to keep track of the latest technology, and more so, to do something about it. But sometimes an innovation emerges that calls out for action because of its potential power -- if not immediately, then soon.» 0 Comments
The Numbers Game That Really Isn't
In social media, quality needs to trump quantity.» 0 Comments