Results for March 2010

Customer Feedback And The Building of Solid Relationships
Regardless of what tools you use, the most important aspect of establishing strong relationships with customers is to hear their concerns and illustrate that those concerns matter to you.» 0 Comments
Differentiate Or Die!
Winning does not depend only on being better; it also depends on ensuring that your customers understand why your solutions are better for them!» 0 Comments
CRM Meets The (New) Voice Of The Customer
Now's the perfect time to take a look at your organization and the potential VOC available to you. Such technologies as speech analytics and text analytics that mine unstructured VOC data are a starting point.» 0 Comments
Why I Am Still Upset
These are techniques and tools to be used in everyday communication as leaders, spouses, parents, friends, etc. They place focus on connecting with others and solving problems, and not on making an already emotional situation even worse.» 0 Comments
Stop Treating Your Customers Like Consumers
Next time you get stuck on which levers to pull in order to grow your brand, take a moment and ask if you know who your customers are.» 0 Comments