Results for May 2011

B2B Digital Marketing: The New Sales/Marketing Paradigm
Does this sound familiar? Your company sales goals are higher, but your budget is lower. Where's that money going? To Marketing to build the brand and generate leads? Or to Sales to close deals? It's an all-too-common dilemma faced by Marketing and Sales executives everywhere.» 0 Comments
Experience CRM
As brands become more experiential -- providing branded content, creating unique events and environments, maintaining real-time conversations -- so too should a company's CRM efforts. As we move from transactional CRM to social CRM we may as well keep heading towards experiential CRM.» 0 Comments
How Would Your Customers SWOT You?
If you work in or with the marketing team, the term SWOT analysis is the bread and butter behind many campaigns, programs and more. Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats helps guide your overall marketing strategy and determine if a specific program is effective and also what a company can do, moving forward, to improve. As always, we have to add in or think about the customer element. Therefore, if you were to ask your customers to conduct a similar analysis, would their results match what your internal experts conclude?» 0 Comments
When The 'R' In CRM Stands For Resends And Reminders
Email campaign resends and reminders often seem to be ignored by e-marketers, passed over in favor of moving on to the next campaign; but providing enhanced customer convenience and increasing ROI through the use of resends and reminders goes hand in hand.» 0 Comments
A Hybrid That Does More Than Make You Feel Good
By embracing a hybrid strategy, professional meeting planners are able to satisfy both the needs of the sponsors and of participants in corporate events. This approach also helps build and maintain customer relationships by facilitating increased communication and engagement with meeting attendees.» 0 Comments