Results for December 2006

Media Agency Holding Company of the Year: GroupM
GroupM is the biggest media agency holding company in the world, with 17.5 percent market share and $60.51 billion in estimated billings for 2006, according to RECMA, a research company.» 0 Comments
Media Client of the Year: Toyota
Though she recognizes that it's already become a cliché, Kim McCullough knows exactly why Toyota's 2006 marketing performance won the auto company Media magazine's Client of the Year honors.» 0 Comments
Media Boutique of the Year: Initiative Innovations and Entertainment
It's not just that media has become the new creative or that advertising is the new content. Entertainment companies are paving the way with risky marketing moves that generate successes and, yes, even failures.» 0 Comments
Media Department of the Year: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
In 2006, MDC Corp.'s Crispin Porter + Bogusky had some turnover in its media department, as rival agencies lured away a handful of the Miami hot shops' staffers.» 0 Comments
Agency of the Year: Starcom
Any shop can get hot. any group can have a good year. But few are great, even for a little while--let alone year after year. So when we asked industry thinkers and media agency leaders to comment on Media's decision to name Starcom its Media Agency of the Year for the fourth consecutive time, you can imagine the swirl of wry commentary: "Is this a hereditary award?" asked one pundit. But there was no quarrel with the choice.» 0 Comments
Agency of the Year: Editor's Letter
Let's get something straight: I didn't enter this business to make friends.» 0 Comments