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World Wide Web: Wal-Marting Your Mindshare
Control the language and you control the mind. It's the real reason the pen is mightier than the sword. All marketers - noble or not - know this. They're constantly searching for the words to gain consumer mindshare and influence attention. It's why politicians and their pundits who have to sell their ideas tussle endlessly to claim the high ground using terms such as "pro-life" or "pro-choice" when actually neither term is completely honest.» 0 Comments
Audio Tech Brews Buzz
A novel technology is giving the whisper campaign a good name.» 0 Comments
Macro Plan
It was a big idea for a small town: to virtually drop thousands of copies of Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 from the sky into trees, atop roofs, and onto the streets of Willow Springs, Ill.» 0 Comments
The advertising industry makes for irresistible eavesdropping opportunities, and you can find plenty of proof on» 0 Comments
Notes from the Underground
Realtors have long relied on open houses to sell homes. But open basements?» 0 Comments
Reach Meter
After countless hours of media planning and buying, the goal is finally within reach.» 0 Comments
Handheld Revolution
How many text messages do you send and receive per day?» 0 Comments
Crayon's Colorful Launch Party
Crayon, a recently launched new marketing agency, is drawing on its knowledge of the latest Web 2.0 applications to self-promote. The new media and marketing shop staged its launch party in Second Life late last year. Created by Joseph Jaffe, the firm even has an office in the virtual world, on an island dubbed "crayonville." Nearly 60 avatars attended crayon's coming out party, including, of course, nine employees who sat around a conference table in their virtual office.» 0 Comments
The Next Network
Move over, YouTube. Brightcove plans nothing less for its newly launched Brightcove Network than to revolutionize video distribution, monetization, and viewing on the Web.» 0 Comments
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